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These animals were caught in the first snowfall!


Like any city kitty, I like a nice, warm nook where I can warm up my paws and fluff my tail. Going outside, you never know when you might get caught in the rain, the wind, or even worse… that first snowfall of the year! Check out these photos of animals that are doing their best to still look cute and deal with winter — think they're doing a good job? Take our poll at the end.

Arctic fox

little arctic fox in the snow

Check him out, so fluffy and white. Blends right in with the snow. Wait, where'd he go?


dog running across snow

With icy blue eyes and those big, fluffy paws for running on the snow, this Malamute's got winter covered!

Snow monkey

snow monkey surrounded by snow

So much fur to keep her warm, this snow monkey just loves to play in the snow!

Orange kitten

orange tabby in a santa hat

She's ready for winter and warm from the snow, all snuggled into her Santa cap. Smart little kitty!


penguin on its belly

Photo credit: Mark Dumont via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC

Snow is not a problem when you can just slide everywhere you want. Go ahead, bring on winter!

Giant panda

giant panda rolling around in the snow

Photo credit: Smithsonian's National Zoo via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

This guy just loves to tumble around in the snow. There's so much fur, he stays warm no matter how much snow he gets covered in. Weeeee!


little squirrel in the snow with a nut

Photo credit: Jim Bauer via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

It might be winter and there's snow everywhere, but you're never finding this little guy's stash of nuts. No way. He's never telling!

Red fox

stoic red fox covered in snow

Photo credit: Garen M. via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

There's a saying — sly as a fox — and this one looks like he knows just how to handle this cold winter weather!

What's your take?

Q Which animal do you think has this winter thing all figure out?