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The world’s coolest snowfriends


Jan Woitas/AFP/Getty Images

Winter brings many beloved holiday traditions and at the top of the list is building yourself a snowfriend (like a snowman, but for everyone!) Check out these cool creative constructions that make Frosty oh so fancy.


Stay safe this winter with the coolest cops around.

Two snowfriends dressed as police with a police hat, badge, tie and belt, smiling in the snow

Photo by West Midlands Police licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

International snowfriend

Observe this exotic Norwegian Frosty in his natural environment… Norway. Nice sash!

A snowfriend with glasses made of twigs, a sash and a fancy hat smiling in the snow in front of a mountain

Abubakr Hussain/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 2.5

Too cool snowfriend

This snowfriend isn’t just cool, he’s ice cold.

A cool-looking snowfriend in a hip hat, sunglasses and scarf smiling in the snow

Photo by erin licensed CC BY 2.0

Little bunny snowfriend

Keep your eyes on the carrot around this snowfriend! They may nibble off some snowfriends' noses.

A snowfriend with two big, long ears on top of their head with whiskers made from branches...it's a bunny-shaped snowfriend!

Adam Berry/Getty Images

Tourist snowfriend

This snowfriend is touring the sights in Vienna, where she got that tasteful necklace.

A beautiful snowfriend with what looks like hair shaped from snow, and a necklace made of little pebbles, smiling in front of a historical building in Vienna

NothingToSeeHere/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 4.0

"Are you serious?" snowfriend

This snowfriend seems a little more unimpressed with all this snow than the others.

A snowfriend that is definitely not smiling, and he's not smiling with his eyes either! His entire face is made of small, straight twigs, as are his little arms -- he seems to be asking,

Photo by Shunsuke Kobayashi licensed CC BY 2.0

Sinking snowfriend

This snowfriend needs your help and quickly! He can’t snow-swim.

A little snowman with long branches for arms that looks like he's sinking into the snow! He's still smiling though.

Photo by MIKI Yoshihito licensed CC BY 2.0

All the snowfriends!

"You and what army? Oh, that army. Well then. Take anything you want."

A couple walks by a whole road filled with snowfriends! There are way too many snowfriends to count, but they're all smiling with carrot noses, with different accessories

Alexey Sazonov/Getty Images