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The ultimate list of awesome activities for adventures at home!


(Michael Simons/123RF)

Hands up if your favourite place is home!

There's nothing like being at home. Your stuff, your space, your snacks — what's not to like? But sometimes, you need a little extra help figuring out what cool thing to do next!

That's where we come in. Welcome to Activitytown, population: you. Check out the greatest activity suggestions for all your latest boredom-busting needs!

1. Magic 101

Playing cards

Want to learn the world's easiest card trick? You'll feel like a master magician once you get the steps down! Check it out here.

2. Time to laugh!

What do you call a bear with no teeth?  A gummy bear!

Getting your giggle on while rolling around on the floor and your whole family wonders what's so funny? That's what's going to happen when you get to these jokes! Check it out here.

3. Just spy stuff


Always a good idea to spend time at home learning a new skill, like how to leave secret messages that only a select few will be able to read! With these four ways to leave top-secret messages, you'll be ahead of the game when you finally join spy school! Check it out here.

4. Keep it chill

Frozen ice hands

Maybe it's cold outside, or maybe today's the day you stick a plastic glove filled with water and food colouring in the freezer. Ice is cool and these four ways to play with it are cooler! (Try rescuing one of your Lego pals from a block of ice!) Check it out here.

5. I control you, winter!

winter without winter

Now let's say there's no winter at all when you look out your windows, but the power to bring winter back is in your control! Instant ice, anyone? Maybe some DIY snow? Check it out here.

6. For spooky situations

glow in the dark chalk drawing

In a spooky mood? Feeling like going into the costume box and pulling out an old favourite? Set the mood with DIY glow-in-the-dark chalk. Then leave a ghostly drawing on the driveway to light up the neighbourhood at night! Check it out here.

7. Let's get medieval

diy catapult

You know what a catapult is? Oh, just some medieval weapon used to storm castles that would hurl giant stones at them. And with just a few craft supplies, you too can harness the power of the catapult! Check it out here.

8. Weave some giant art!

giant woven art

Mix your artistic side with a hint of nature to weave a giant piece of art that you can actually leave outside because it will break down naturally! Check it out here.