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The Spelling Trick


We've covered the BLT and the world's easiest magic trick and now we're levelling up to the next coolest card illusion, The Spelling Trick. We dubbed it "The Spelling Trick" because the magician has to spell out the name of the chosen card for it to work. 

You may need to do a couple of run-throughs before you try and impress your friends. Remember, practice IS perfect. And if you nail this trick. you're well on your way to becoming a card trick pro!

1. Take a deck of playing cards and count out three piles of three cards facing down and put the rest of the deck to the side.

Hand hovers over three piles of cards.

2. Ask someone to pick one of the piles and flip it over.

Hand flips over one of the card piles.

3. This card on the bottom of the pile will be their card, let’s say it’s the two of hearts. You will need to see this card.

Hand points out at two of hearts.

4. Take the two untouched piles and place one on top of the other keeping them face down.

Magician hand combines two untouched piles together.

5. Take the overturned pile and place it face down ON TOP of the other two piles.

Magician's hands turned pile over, face down.

6. Now you will need to spell out the name of the card with these cards by placing one card down for each letter: T-W-O and then place the rest of the cards on top.

Three cards are down to indicate the spelling of

7. Then spell out O-F with the same cards and place the rest on top.

Two cards are laid down to indicate spelling

8. Then spell out H-E-A-R-T-S with the same cards and place the rest of the cards on top.

Counting out of.

9. Then spell out magic – M-A-G-I and turn over the card on C.

10. It will be the card that was chosen! In this case, the two of hearts.


Try putting it altogether, like in the video: