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5 questions about sugar cookies you didn’t know you had


(Submmited by Mina's Little Bake Shop)

What’s your favourite cookie? Are you cookoo for chocolate chips? Over-the-moon for oatmeal? Partial to peanut butter?

Those are all great choices. But the most interesting cookie might be the simple sugar cookie.

There are only six ingredients. They can be rolled out, cut and decorated in a zillion different ways. And, of course, they are super delicious too!

Where did sugar cookies come from?

star shaped sugar cookies cooling on a rack

Sugar cookies on a cooling rack. (Submmited by Mina's Little Bake Shop.)

What do historians think? Let's take a time machine back about 1,300 years...

A baker in the Middle East would use a bit of cake batter to test how hot the oven was. They discovered that people loved to eat these mini-cake testers. Eureka! They created what we now call the sugar cookie.

How did sugar cookies get to North America?

Baker is decorating cookies.

A baker is decorating sugar cookies by hand. (Submitted by Mina's Little Bake Shop).

So how did sugar cookies get to North America?

About 300 years ago, a group of European settlers in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, started creating butter cookies. These are a lot like today's sugar cookies. The people of Pennsylvania loved them! They even made the sugar cookie the official cookie of the state!

Do sugar cookies have any other names?

PJ Masks sugar cookies wrapped up!

Do you recognize these superheroes? It's PJ Masks cookies. (Submitted by Mina's Little Bake Shop)

Did you know that sugar cookies weren’t always called sugar cookies? They’ve also been known as jumbles, crybabies, plunkets, gemmels, gimblettes and cimbellines!

Doesn’t matter what you call them, they sure are tasty!

What shapes do sugar cookies come in?

Eggs and bacon sugar cookies

Do you think you could fool your family with these breakfast cookies? (Submitted by Mina's Little Bake Shop)

Have you ever made cookies? It can be as easy as plopping a bit of dough on a pan. As it bakes it becomes a yummy round cookie.

But sugar cookies are rolled cookies. That means you get to use a rolling pin and cookie cutters. You can get creative and make them into awesome shapes.

How do you decorate sugar cookies

Sugar cookies shaped like apples.

Bakers used a technique called ‘flooding’ to fill in the apple cookies. (Submitted by Mina's Little Bake Shop)

Decorating cookies might just be the most fun part of all!

Bakers use a piping bag to squirt icing along the edges of a cookie. A technique called flooding is used to fill in the other parts. After the icing is on, sprinkles can be added for even more fun!