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The BLT card trick


Now that you've perfected the world's easiest magic trick, let's move on to a more challenging card trick - the BLT. We called it that because of the way the cards are stacked, but it may also help you remember the steps when performing this illusion. For instance, bacon can be the first time the player cuts the deck, lettuce can be when you take that pile and place it facing up, and the tomato can be when you ask the player to make another cut.

Don't worry if you can't get it on the first try. Remember that even the best magicians spend hours practicing and perfecting their techniques. So go ahead and grab your cards and walk through the steps - watch the video at the end to put it altogether.

1. Show your audience that you have a regular deck of playing cards by fanning out the deck.

Hand spreads out deck of cards.

2. While doing this take a look at the top card that is on the deck without being noticed and remember it.

Arrow is pointing to eight of spades, the top card of the deck, furthest to the left.

3. Place the entire deck down on a table in front of you and ask someone to cut the deck (that means to remove a small pile of cards).

Player cuts deck.

4. Take that pile they have removed and turn it upside down and placing it top of the deck, facing up.

Magician places cards facing up on deck.

5. Ask them to make another but deeper cut from the deck.

Player has hand over a stack of cards with a two of diamonds facing up, while the other deck is facing down.


6. Take that pile and turn it upside down and put top of the deck again, facing up. *This will make the top card that you remembered turn right side up.*

Magician places the cards facing up, on deck.

7. Remove all of the cards from the top of the deck that are facing up.

Magician searches for all cards facing up.

8. The top card that is still facing down is the card you remembered!

Hand reaching to grab the card on top of deck.

9. Without peeking, hold up the card to show the player.

Player holds up eight of spades.

10. Pretend to read their mind...

Magician has hands outstretched and splayed, pretending to read the card.

11. Now tell them what card they are looking at!! By now they will start to think you have some special powers.

Magician points to card in player's hand.


Put the trick altogether, like in the video: