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The bone-chilling best at-home Halloween guide!



It’s Halloween! But this year’s a bit different. Not to fear (unless you’re watching a scary movie — then fear away!), because there is still so much Halloween fun to be had!

If you’re not trick-or-treating this year and instead staying close to home for the spooky festivities, we’ve got you covered for how you can make this Halloween the best yet!

Chilling at-home costume party

Grab your pets and stuffed animals too, and get the whole crew costumed up! Just because you’re not skipping up and down the neighbourhood doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the season in style.

A pet lizard dressed as a hot dog

Listen, Leonard the Lizard — when we say the whole family is getting into costume, we mean everyone! (miller.kaeden/Twenty20)

Once everyone at home has their costume on (and back-up ones ready too — costume change, anyone?), then you can get this party started!

Will you dance up and down the hall to some eerie tunes? Maybe you can get together with your friends and family online and show your costume off to the virtual world!

And don’t forget a photoshoot to remember all your Halloween-y looks! Bet your family would come up with some seriously scary poses.

Snacks fit for a crypt keeper

apple vampire teeth, cookie spiders and a cheesy mummy

Around the winter holidays, people eat cookies shaped like snowflakes, so obviously Halloween means the cookies must look like spiders!

It’s not so tricky to make these treats that will be sure to gross out the grown-ups and make your at-home Halloween a monsterific hit!

Just click here for all the delicious details on how to make six simple and spooky snacks like apple vampire teeth and butterscotch ear wax sticks. Yum!

Stylish pumpkin pageant

No sharp tools needed for decorating these pumpkins.

painted pumpkins with silly faces

The green one is named Orange and the orange one is named Green. And they named themselves! What a couple of silly pumpkins. (prissy4/Twenty20)

Let your creepy crawly creativity flow by using paint, permanent markers, stickers, fancy tape, glitter — there are so many options! Whatever you use, your jack-o’-lantern will be a work of art!

Get the whole family in on the pumpkin-decorating action (yay for little pumpkins!) and when everyone’s done, display them all on a table. Then let the judging begin!

Have everyone vote for different categories like scariest pumpkin, silliest pumpkin, cutest pumpkin or most colourful pumpkin. When the votes are in, hand out candy awards — and candy consolation prizes. Hey, it’s Halloween, everyone gets candy!

Ghoulish games

Feel like casting some spells? Or maybe playing with monsters? You’re just a click away from games that will add both fun and fear to your Halloween!

the game Spellscasting with little ghosts and spells

If you’re having a witchy time, see how many spells you can cast to keep spirits away in the game Spells Casting.

On the lookout for cute little creatures of the night? Then the game for you is He Likes the Darkness.

Maybe all you want this Halloween is a little pumpkin action — try Pumpkin Blaster and see who can pop the most jack-o’-lanterns!

And there are more ghoulish good times where those came from! Just check out our new games section.

Gasp-worthy ghost stories

A blurry shot of a man walking inside the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta which people say is haunted

Is that a ghost in Alberta's Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, which people say is haunted — or just a blurry picture? (davebloggs007 via VisualHunt / CC BY)

No campfire? No problem! Dig out a flashlight and set it in the middle of the room as you go around making up ghost stories.

Will your story take place long ago? Or will it be one that’s happening right now… boo!

And if you’re stumped on what your ghost story should be about, let five of Canada’s most haunted places inspire you. And if that’s not enough, here are five more Canadian haunted houses where people swear it goes bump in the night.

Trick-or-Treat Spooktacular

Once you’re in costume — surrounded by spider cookies and artistic jack-o’-lanterns — after gaming with spells and monsters, and once all the ghost stories have scared the grown-ups… it’s time for the Trick-or-Treat Spooktacular!

CBC Kids Trick-or-Treat Spooktacular on Facebook Live

On October 29 at 4 p.m. ET, CBC Kids will be hosting a very special Halloween event on Facebook Live hosted by Studio K’s Janaye, Tony and Gary the Unicorn!

There will be tricks! There will be treats! There will be kids from across Canada dressed up in their Halloween costumes!

And if you can’t make the Facebook Live, you can join in on all the spooky fun on October 30 on CBC Gem, and on Halloween day on CBC TV. Just ask your grown-up to “check your local listings.”