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Whether you’re a cat person or not, we’re guessing there’s a breed out there that’s just like you. If you’re feeling feline, answer these six questions and find out what kind of kitty you are in the cat kingdom.

Begin to chatter
Wait for them to come to me
Rub against their leg
Scratch at the door to get outside
Dart away — they bug me
Shine! This is totally my thing
Hang out with all my friends
Bounce off the walls
Nope, not going if I have to be brushed!
Find something to wear!
Try to distract them
Get gentle brushes = love!
Know this is a mistake!
Be ok — just don't touch the tail
Sit in the window
Climb everything
Scratch the couch...oops!
Sleep. All day!
Chase the catnip toy
Tease the dog
Delicious food served on a sliver platter
A shiny new cat toy!
BeaverTails (tee hee!)
Whatever my human is having!

You got: Sphinx Cat

Being a hairless cat makes you unique and special. You are after all, the E.T. of the cat world! You’re highly intelligent, curious and constantly cold — which may explain why you’re always wanting to sit on people, or sleep under the covers or curl up on laptops. Your lively antics make you a constant source of funny entertainment for your humans to watch!

You got: Siamese Cat

Look at you, you gorgeous thing! You look like you’re dressed up to go out and eat a fancy dinner. And you would be totally ok with that as you are quite the social butterfly. You’re fond of your human and the company of other cats, and are happy to chatter at them for hours on end!

You got: Himalayan Cat

You are the ruler of all cats, the regal one with the soft, superior mane, and gentle personality. You don’t have to work for anyone’s admiration — in fact, humans pander to you! That’s right — you enjoy gentle pets, daily brushes and a comfy throne, I mean couch....

You got: Bengal Cat

You’re not the lazy, gentle lap cat — oh no! You’re a wild one. And it’s not because you look like a mini tiger. You’re constantly on the prowl — err move — and you love playing and climbing, especially if it’s outdoors. And surprisingly, you have a rare fondness for water — beware fishies!!

You got: Maine Coon Cat

Your heart and personality is as large as you are. In fact, your breed is often referred as “gentle giants” or “dogs of the cat world” because you are so friendly and easy to train! You are loyal to your human family and will do anything to please them. Now sit, kitty, sit!

You got: Scottish Fold Cat

Don’t take it personally when people think that you look like a furry owl. You are sweet, calm and friendly to be around. You enjoy being around people and may know a thing or two about being the centre of attention. You’re not super chatty, but when you are in the mood, you have a soft, small voice. Purrrrrrrrrr!