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Ask the Question Machine anything!


Your friends from Studio K would love to hear from you!

Ask them anything... really, anything! Would you like to know how to make a boat out of hat? Or maybe you're wondering how Gary shines his horn? Ever wonder why the sky is blue and not green? All of these are great questions. You can even ask any one of your friends from Studio K a question: Victor, Tony, Janaye, Cottonball, Gary and Mr. Orlando would all love to hear from you!

There are two ways you can ask your questions:

Submit your question using our online form

If you want to submit a comment about our website or report an error, please head over to CBC Parents to find out how to email or mail CBC Kids. We'll need a guardian's email address in order to respond to any comments.

Submit your question via Skype

With the help of your guardian or teacher, you can ask our hosts your question using Skype online video and might even have a chance to get on air! Go get your guardian or teacher and click here to hop over to the CBC Parents website to fill out the submission form. Your guardian will need to give their permission for you to appear on Skype.

Your questions answered:

Wow - you're really sending in a LOT of questions and that's great! Victor, Tony, Janaye, Gary, Cottonball and Mr. Orlando are going to need some time to put together the best answers to all your questions so head over to the Studio K Question Machine video page to see if your question has a video or blog response. Click on the buttons below to see some of their answers, and keep those questions coming!  

Click here to view video answers Click here to view blog answers