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Pets and their favourite humans hanging out


Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay

Happy holiday to all! What holiday? It's National Pet Day, of course. Officially it's on April 11, but we know it's pet day every day of the year. Kitties, puppies, hamsters and even snakes are all ameowzing in my books! So let's celebrate our furry, feathered and scaly friends. I found some great images of pets and their favourite humans spending time together!

A boy and his hip hedgehog

small boy stares at his hedgehog who is eye to eye with him on a table

Volha Zaitsava/123RF

What a purr-fect place to purr-ch

a young girl naps in a window bench and her cat sits on her back

Alena Ozerova/123RF

A boy and his tip-top turtle

a young boy in shorts and red shirt sits outside and holds his turtle in his hands

Dmitry Naumov/123RF

Boundless bunny love

closeup of a young girl's face as she hold her dwarf bunny up to her nose

Serhiy Kobyakov/123RF

Snakes are s-s-super

a young boy in front of a glass cage holding his pet snake in his hands

Sergey Novikov/123RF

Deep diving doggo

a young girl and her dog dive into a pool to get a shell


A girl and her groovy guinea pig

a young girl holds her guinea pig up to her cheek


Say cheese

a young boy holds a camera up to the face of a big dog

Jaromir Chalabala/123RF

Nap time with Tigger

a young girl uses her tiger cat as a pillow

Alena Ozerova/123RF

A boy and his dynamite donkey

a young boy on a farm feeds hay to his donkey