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7 spooky things you didn’t know about ghosts


(123RF/Rancz Andrei)

While scientists say there is no evidence that ghosts really exist, there are plenty of people who believe in these spirits of the dead. Check out some un-boo-lievable facts about spooky souls.

Ghost hunting

a girl using an EMF meter inside a house

A girl uses an EMF meter inside an old house to detect ghosts. (Photo credit: reynolds.james.e on VisualHunt / CC BY)

Ghost hunters often use electronic equipment to investigate places supposedly haunted by ghosts. While the ghost hunting community doesn't seem to have a standard set of tools, some of the ones used are night vision photography, an EMF meter to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields, thermal imaging cameras to detect cold spots, audio recording equipment to record any odd sounds and interviewing accounts of hauntings.

Night hauntings

a laptop and two devices


Why does it seem that ghosts are more active at night? Some say that when fewer electronic devices are used, we're more likely to detect ghostly spirits in our homes.

How to spot a ghost

little girl lying in bed and scared of monsters under her bed


What do some people claim to be the telltale signs of a ghost?

  • The temperature in the room suddenly gets chilly.
  • You hear unexplained creaking of stairs.
  • Doors are opening and closing on their own.
  • You hear the sound of soft whispers when no one is near.
  • Your pets start to act strangely.
  • An unexplained smell fills the room.

Famous ghost stories

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

illustration of headless horseman


In this short story by writer Washington Irving, Ichabod Crane, an extremely superstitious schoolmaster, attends a harvest party in the town of Sleepy Hollow. As he rides home through the woods he passes through several very haunted spots, helping fuel his imagination. He runs into a cloaked rider near a swamp and is horrified to discover that it is the legendary Headless Horseman. Ichabod rides for his life, terrified of the horseman, and is never seen again.

A Christmas Carol

film still from Scrooge with Alastair Sim cowering before the hand of death

The classic Christmas ghost story tells the tale of rich aristocrat Ebenezer Scrooge, who loves his money more than anything or anyone. On Christmas Eve he is visited by three spirits: the Ghost of Christmas Past, who reminds him how happy and carefree he was as a young man, the Ghost of Christmas Present, who shows him what his family and employees think about him, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, who shows him the fate that awaits a disliked man. He awakens on Christmas Day a changed man. and begins to change his future by becoming warm and generous.


still from the 2016 ghostbusters movie

(Columbia Pictures)

There were several movies with fun and friendly teams of ghostbusters, the most recent being four women — two physicists, an engineer and a professor — who come together to save New York from a plot to open a portal to a ghost dimension and summon a spirit army.