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Make a creative sign to show your support for Black Lives Matter


You’ve probably heard or seen “Black Lives Matter” on your screens or in your community. It may make you feel like you would like to do something to help, have your voice heard and show support.

One of the things you can try is making art.

Making art can be a great way to get your message out there and to inspire people to be kind to one another. But first, let’s go over what people online and in real life are talking about.

What is Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is a movement ⁠— that’s when a group of people come together to share an idea — that was created to let others know about racism happening in their communities, sometimes even by police.

Young girl holding a Black Lives Matter sign

Some police are hurting Black people because there are officers who may think someone is bad based on the colour of their skin. This is one of the issues that Black Lives Matter works to fix.

Black Lives Matter also creates a space for Black people to show their contributions to their communities, and advocates (that's when you publicly support a cause) for better education for Black children. 

What is racism?

When someone is racist or doing something racist, it means that they are treating someone differently or unfairly based on their race, how they look or the colour of their skin, or their culture. This leads to different groups of people not treating each other kindly.

(Jason Redmond/AFP via Getty Images)

What does #BlackLivesMatter mean?

Have you seen the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter? It’s used as a way for people to take the movement online.

People who say #BlackLivesMatter are saying they want to stop actions that are racist and unfair, and for everyone to be kind and fair towards Black people, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Did you know the first recorded Black man in Canada became a national hero?
Find out more by clicking here!

Let's make art

Now, you may be feeling some big feelings. After talking to someone you trust and jumping up and down to shake all those feelings out, this art activity is a way to let your voice be heard.

Here’s how you can make a sign that helps raise awareness, spread love and show support to all the people in your community who are affected by racism.

Some materials you'll need to make your sign


  • A really big piece of paper, bristol board or a piece of a cardboard box.
  • Something creative to draw or paint with (markers, paints, crayons or pastels).
  • Tape to stick up your sign in your own house or window when it’s done.


  • A pencil and eraser (to draw out your idea before adding colour).
  • Scissors to cut the cardboard (ask an adult for help!).
  • Sparkles, stickers or other types of decoration for your sign.

Materials to make your sign beside a colourfully decorated sign that says: black kids matter

Instructions :

1. Find a big piece of paper — the bigger the better. You can also use the side of a cardboard box.

2. Think of the message you’d like to send or write down. You could:

  • Make and share a message of love and support.
  • Make a poster with the words “Black Lives Matter” and post it in the window of your home to show your support and inspire your neighbours.
  • Share tips by drawing pictures on how people can be kinder to one another and stop racism.

3. Then paint or draw your idea on the paper so that people can see your message from far away. TIP: You can first draw it out with pencil to make sure all the letters and images fit on the page before adding colour.

4. Then using tape and the help of an adult, stick the poster up in the window of your home, or on your apartment bulletin board, or on your lawn for people to see from their building or the street. You can also hang them in your room for inspiration!

You can also print off and colour in these designs for your sign. Just click the picture to see them big.

Black Lives matter sign colouring sheets

Feel free to make as many posters as you like! Photograph them and share the pictures with your family and friends!