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Let me tell you about how fascinating babies are


Photo by Juan Camilo Trujillo licensed CC BY 2.0

They’re cute, chubby and sure to bring a smile to any person who crosses their path. We’re talking babies. Those tiny humans that know a thing or two about capturing everyone’s attention. Guess that’s why they have their own day of celebration — May 2nd is Baby Day. To celebrate, here’s Mr. Orlando to share some fun facts about babies.


Despite what you may think, newborns don't shed tears.
Image via Pixabay

There’s no denying babies cry a lot. And since they cannot speak, crying is their way of communicating. While they do cry, newborn babies don’t shed tears until sometime after about one month old. That’s because they only produce enough tears to keep their eyes moist. So there are no extra tears to roll down their cheeks. But by the time they’re between one and three months years old, actual tears will appear when they cry.


Babies can't see very far when they're first born.
Photo by Terrence Nance licensed CC BY 2.0

During a newborn’s first three months of life, she can’t see very far. In fact, she can only see objects that are between 20 centimetres to 35 centimetres away. That’s about the distance between your face and a baby when you’re holding her. Experts have found that newborns prefer to look at faces rather than other objects at this point in their development. So, if you get a chance to hold a newborn, go ahead and make all the silly, funny faces you can!


Newborns really love their sleep, but usually wake up every two to four hours.
Photo by Scott Sherill-Mix licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Newborn babies are sleeping champs! They tend to sleep between 16 and 17 hours each day. (That’s a lot considering a day is 24 hours long!) But the little people usually wake up every two to four hours. They have small stomachs, so they need to wake up to feed. Most babies don’t start to sleep through the night until they’re at least three months old. And even then, some won’t sleep through the night until they’re toddlers.


It's true! Babies really do smell great.
Photo via Pixabay

People often talk about how newborn babies smell so good. According to scientists, this “baby smell” is something they’re born with. One guess is that it’s all thanks to chemicals that are released by the baby’s sweat glands. Others suggest it may come from a waxy substance that coats the baby’s skin when she is born. Either way, studies show that newborn baby scent activates the reward-related region in the brain, which may help new parents bond with the baby.


Babies like it when you sing to them. They find it comforting.
Photo by Juan Camilo Trujillo licensed CC BY 2.0

Start singing! Studies show that when a baby is grumpy, singing to them is better than talking to them. It seems that singing soothes babies for much longer. And it turns out song choice matters. Experts have found that babies prefer to listen to easy-to-sing tunes, like lullabies or nursery rhymes when they’re fussy. These simple and repetitive songs work best to keep babies calm and happy.