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Kids create a pop-up paper world of inky creatures


There’s a new art exhibit at Vancouver’s Access Gallery that’s unique not just because of its content, but also because of the way it was put together. Things on the Shoreline is a pop-up paper jungle where whimsical ink-blot creatures live. They all came out of the imagination of 4th and 5th grade students at Lord Strathcona Elementary School  and the Vancouver Japanese Language School during a series of workshops put together by artist Cindy Mochizuki last fall.

Ms. Mochizuki told the kids to imagine wandering along a barren shoreline. The students then dribbled a special ink onto wet paper, sprinkled it with salt and added features to turn the splotches into creaturely things that they imagined emerging from the water. The gallery exhibition brings these creatures and their habitats together to tell some amazing stories. And best of all, all of the students' as well as Mochizuki’s creatures will be put together in a limited-edition children’s storybook.

(with text from CBC Arts)