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Karate cat flip book

Did you know that the German word for flip book is Daumenkino, which literally means "thumb cinema".

You’ll need:

• Printer
• Printer paper (the thicker the better, but regular printing paper will do!)
• Scissors
• Stapler

Download the Karate Cat pages!


1. Print out all of the pages. If you would like to loop the animation, print out another set of pages.
2. With scissors, cut along the dotted lines.
3. Arrange the images in numerical order — you will see the numbers in the top left corner.
4. Once the pages are in a neat stack, staple the left side edge of the pages.
5. Now you have made a flip book. Use your thumb to flip through the pages and watch the Karate Kitten show off some skills!!

flip book example

We have also included a blank template for you to make your own flip book! Draw your own character or object and adjust it a little bit at a time in each frame so you give the illusion that it’s moving. Once you’re finished, cut along the dotted lines and staple!