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Ice Cream Changes Colour Before Your Eyes


Just when it seemed ice cream couldn’t get any better, along comes this news. A Spanish physicist recently invented an ice cream that changes colour as you lick it. The cool concoction starts out as light blue. After it’s scooped, a special spray is applied to the ice cream and turns it purple. The treat transforms again once it’s licked. This time taking on a shade of pink.
Manuel Linares, who learned his craft in an ice-cream making class, was inspired to create the treat after hearing about a British man who had invented a glow-in-the-dark flavour. Linares’ own invention is called Xamaleón – a tribute to the colour-shifting chameleon – and is said to have a tutti-frutti flavour.

As for the secret behind the colour-changing ice cream, Linares won’t reveal much because he doesn’t want anyone to steal his recipe. All he will say is that it’s made with natural ingredients and the colour change is caused by a reaction to heat from saliva in the human mouth.
Those looking to try Linares’ transforming treat can visit his ice cream shop in Spain. And word is he has big plans for other unique flavours, including an ice cream that will react to light and another that turns from white to pink by itself.

See the transformation for yourself. 

  • [+] How many licks does it take to finish off an average single-scoop cone?

    45, 50, 60.


  • [+]

    ​True or false, the most popular ice cream flavour is chocolate.

    False. Vanilla is the most popular.​

  • [+]

    ​What century did milk-based ice cream first appear?

    16th, 17th or 18th century?

    It is believed they arrived on the scene during the 17th century.
  • [+]

    ​When was the ice cream cone invented?

    1875, 1899, 1904.


  • [+]

    ​The most ice cream is produced in this month.

    June, July, August.


  • [+]

    ​True or false, ice cream was originally known as cream ice.