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How do they celebrate Mother’s Day in other countries?



What are you doing on Mother’s Day? Making a card? Gathering flowers? Cooking breakfast? Mother’s Day takes place in Canada every year on the second Sunday in May, and it’s a time to celebrate your mom. Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1908 when an American named Anna Jarvis created it because she felt her mom — and all moms — should have a special day. Even though Mother’s Day is observed at different times of the year around the world, every celebration has one thing in common: showing mom how much you love her!


In French, Happy Mother's Day is

In France, Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated by presenting mom with gifts and special cake, often in the shape of flowers. Yum!


In Spanish, Happy Mother's Day is

In Mexico, they start their celebrations the night before Mother’s Day with a visit to mom or grandmother, followed the next day with a special church service and the singing of the traditional song “Las Mañanitas” (say "las ma-nya-nee-tas"), a popular birthday song.


In Japanese, Happy Mother's Day is

On Mother’s Day in Japan, children draw pictures of their moms and enter them in an art contest. The winning pictures are shown at art shows across the country.


In Thai, Happy Mother's Day is

Mother’s Day in Thailand celebrates the birthday of the country’s Queen, so it takes place on whatever date the current queen celebrates her birthday. It’s a national holiday, with parades, concerts and fireworks.


In Indonesian, Happy Mother's Day is

Indonesia doesn’t just celebrate moms, but ALL women on their traditional Mother’s Day, which takes place in December. In addition to gifts and cards, many people hold surprise parties and competitions (like cooking contests) that show off their skills.


In Hindu, Happy Mother's Day is

Mother’s Day has not been a traditional holiday in India but it's slowly catching on. It's celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and it's a time to say thank you to moms and make them feel important.