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Everything to know about how animals stay cool in the heat


Public Domain Images via Pixabay

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a desert? Or how creatures are able to survive in blazing hot temperatures with little to no water?

Here are a few of our favourite stories about hot places and animals that live in them.

After reading the stories, head to the bottom of this post and take the quiz to see how much you remember!

A foggy desert and a sea made of sand

You must go here: Namib Sand Sea

If there ever was a desert that was so surreal, the Namibia Desert would be it! Check it out!

How far would you go to keep cool?

List It: How desert animals keep cool

Let's get real. When we are sweating buckets in the summer sun, we would reach for a popsicle, wear a hat or sit in the shade.

But what do animals do? They can't crank the air conditioning. Find out how they're able to beat the heat!

Get to know Timon's relatives

Meet the meerkats

Are you ready to meet a mob of meerkats? They are ready to meet you! Read all about them here.