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5 cool Indigenous comics we think you’ll love!


detail from Hero Twins cover image

Comics are awesome. It's a fact. Here are five amazing Indigenous comics we think you'll love. Ask your local library if they have these books available! 

book coverNapi and the Rock

Digital comic from Jason Eaglespeaker

Napi (say "naw-pea") is a trickster character and the digital comics are based on thousands of years of stories shared by the Blackfoot Indigenous people to empower and educate others about the world around them. Brand new stories launch every month. Ask your local library or your guardian to find this digital comic online for you.


image of SnowguardSnowguard

from Marvel Comics

The newest Marvel superhero is an Inuit teenager named Amka Aliyak from Nunuvut — also known as Snowguard. Amka gains superpowers when she tries to release the spirits of the land who have been captured by a villain using the energy of the land. Amka will be part of the Champions, which also includes teen versions of Spider-Man, Ms Marvel and the Hulk.

All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2018 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

comics coverThe Wool of Jonesy

from Native Realities

The Wool of Jonesy is a comic by Dine writer and artist Jonathan Nelson that tells the story of a sheep (named Jonesy) and his adventures on the rez. As Jonesy heads out to explore life after high school, he finds himself discovering and dreaming.


comics coverSila and the Land

by Shelby Angalik, Ariana Roundpoint and Lindsay Dupre
from Ed-Ucation Publishing

Sila and The Land is a story written by three Indigenous women from their own very unique perspectives — First Nations, Inuit and Métis. Sila, an Inuk girl travels in all four directions learning about the land and the importance of protecting it.

comics coverHero Twins

from Native Realities

This comic, from Navajo writer and illustrator Dale Deforest, follows two warriors of the same name throughout their journey to rid the spirit world of evil spirits. The Hero Twins have long held an important place in the stories of the Navajo people as protectors of the People.

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