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Have a sleepover with some eels + 3 other really cool aquariums


Image via PomppuY/YouTube

Did you know that June is aquarium month? It’s a time to recognize aquariums — those places where you can get up close with fish, sharks, turtles, jellyfish, and so much more. But it turns out some aquariums do more than show off sea creatures. They take part in all kinds of animal research, as well as rescue and protect marine animals. To celebrate aquarium month, we’ve travelled the world to find some of the coolest aquariums around.

Sea Life Istanbul

Sea Life Istanbul
Visitors can get a closer look at sea life by popping in this glass bubble. Traveller Man/YouTube

At this aquarium, visitors can walk through an underwater tunnel to get close to many kinds of ocean creatures, including 15 shark species. It also has a breeding program for seahorses and even rescues hurt seals and sea turtles. Guests can take part in different activities at the aquarium, too. For instance, they can become a marine biologist for a day and spend time with an animal expert to learn about marine animals’ habitats and feeding habits. They even get to help feed some of the creatures!

Atlantis: The Palm

Atlantis: The Palm
Luxury hotel room where visitors can take a bath and view the aquarium at the same time! Meet The Vloggers/Youtube

You’ll find this aquarium in the city of Dubai in the Middle East. It features over 65,000 marine animals, including fish, sharks, jellyfish and alligators. Besides visiting the creatures in the aquarium, there’s another very cool way to check out these animals in action. A hotel next to the aquarium has a few underwater rooms. Each room has massive windows that look directly into the aquarium. So guests can chill out in their room while sea creatures swim right past!

The AquaDom

The AquaDom.
Look closely and you'll see that this fish tank has an elevator right in the middle of it! PomppuY/YouTube

This is definitely not your everyday aquarium. Found in the middle of a hotel in Berlin, the AquaDom is one of the largest cylindrical tanks in the world. Over 1,500 fish live in this watery home. But what makes the aquarium really unique is what you’ll find inside it — besides the marine life. There’s an elevator in the centre of the tank. Guests can hop aboard the see-through elevator and take a five-minute trip up or down. From this vantage point, they can check out some of the 97 species of fish that swim around the aquarium.

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium
Young visitor watches a dolphin at the Vancouver aquarium. Photo by Yu-Chan Chen licensed CC0 2.0 Universal

This spot opened in 1956 and became Canada’s first aquarium for the public. It currently has over 300 species of fish, as well as other animals like sea lions, eels, sharks and sea otters. While you can visit the creatures during the day, the aquarium also offers visitors a chance to have a sleepover. That’s right — you can bring along a sleeping bag and pillow to sleep alongside sea creatures! Staying for the night comes with its own privileges, like getting to touch sea stars, anemones and urchins. Best of all, guests settle into their sleeping bags in front of one of the big tanks and watch fish swim by as they drift off to sleep.