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Great white shark population growing

After decades of decline, the population of the great white shark is on the rise.

Good news for sharks and maybe not so good news for seals. In a recent report, the great white shark population is on the rise in the ocean off the Eastern U.S. and Canada. Scientists believe that the abundance of prey and conservation efforts that prevent the hunting of great whites has helped play a role in the increase of population. The species is listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Thanks to the movie Jaws, great white sharks have a bad reputation but surprisingly confrontations with swimmers extremely rare. Only 106 unprovoked white shark attacks — 13 of them fatal in U.S. waters since 1916, according to data provided by the University of Florida.

The great whites are at the top of the food chain so they help control populations of other species making their existence crucial to the ocean ecology.

Great white shark facts

  • Has 300 teeth, which it uses to rip food into mouth-sized pieces.
  • Weighs between 1,800 and 3,200 kilograms.
  • Is 5 to 6 metres long.
  • — World Wildlife Fund