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Flexible and bendable animals!


Ever felt like your body needed a really good stretch? I know I like to stretch out my back after a nice cat nap, and sometimes I even find myself accidentally doing a yoga pose. There are even yoga poses named after us cats — guess we're just star stretchers! But it's not just me who likes to stretch it out, lots of animal do. And oh kittens, do they ever look cute when they do it!

Stretch that leg!

A cute duck stretching its left leg out behind it

Photo by Mr.TinDC licensed CC BY-ND 2.0

You know when you've been sitting too long and need to stretch your legs out all the way to your tippy toes? Well I guess after a day of gliding on the water, this little duck needs a stretch all the way to their webbed feet!

It's a polar-plank!

A polar bear in a plank position

Photo by jinterwas licensed CC BY 2.0

Ever heard of the plank pose in yoga? I think it's safe to say this polar bear sure has — and check out that concentration! This polar bear is really working their core muslces with this plank. (Pssst, your core muscles are the muscles in your stomach, back and pelvis.)

Downward dog, meet downward pug.

A pug stretching in a downward dog position

Photo by trophygeek licensed CC BY 2.0

We have a yoga master on our hands — sorry, I meant paws! I guess there's a reason this pose is called the downward dog, because it just comes so naturally to our canine pals like this pug over here. And how about that carpet? That's one fancy yoga mat stand-in!

A beary refreshing stretch!

A brown bear lying in some water with a foot in the air that it's grabbing with its paw

Photo by Victor Zapanta licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

How many of you can still reach your foot to your mouth like when you were a baby? OK, so that bear paw isn't quite there, but that is certainly one bendy bear! And there are some people who actually practice yoga in water, so this bear's just on-trend with their soaked strecthes.

The classic cat stretch.

A cat on a chair stretching its back out


Told you we cats were star stretchers! Just like our dog friends, cats take to yoga naturally — so naturally that this pose is actually called the cat pose. Can't you feel the stiffness just melting away in this photo? It makes me want to stretch right now! (Don't worry, I'll wait until this list is done!)

Loosen up like a lemur.

A lemur that looks like it's meditating

Photo by Neil Crump licensed CC BY 2.0

After a great big stretch like the cat pose, sometimes you need to take a moment to calm your mind. That's where the lotus pose comes in! Like you see with this lemur, it's less action and more meditation. And bonus points if you do it in the sun!

Plus whatever these pliable pandas are doing!

Two pandas that are rolled over and in weird-looking poses


And sometimes you need to move your body in any which way you can! These cuddly pandas have the right idea — rolling and twsiting and bending about. They're also a great reminder to just get moving, no matter what stretch, pose or move you're doing!