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5 fur-tastic quizzes for all you animal lovers!


(BlueOrange Studio/123RF)

Ever think you’d sit down to answer the age-old question: do animals fart?

Well, you’re in luck. Because we have a quiz for that! If you think you’re an animal lover, put your knowledge to the test with these five fun fur-tastic quizzes.

Do animals fart?

Do animals fart quiz

You fart, but what about your favourite animals? Find out once and for all by taking this quiz. Check it out here!

The cutest puppy quiz!

Aren’t puppies so cute? Their cute little faces. Their cute little paws. The way they yawn! Know a lot about puppies? Then you are going to ace this quiz. Check it out here!

The elephant in the room

Elephants are huge! And those trunks are amazing. There are a lot of interesting facts about elephants — do you know them? Prove it with this quiz. Check it out here!

Easy, tiger!

Roar! Let your inner tiger out with this tricky tiger quiz. How much do you know about the world’s fiercest striped friends? Only one way to find out — and that's taking this quiz. Check it out here!

Animals that play together stay together

Animals hang out in groups and when they do, they have their own squad names! Did you know that? Well, here’s a quiz to help you learn what to call groups of animals. How many can you guess correctly? Check it out here!