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11 tricky quizzes about Canada, eh!


(Suranga Weeratunga/123RF)

Hey, all you cool Canadians! Let's take a tour of Canada with some not-so-easy questions for you to ponder.

Plenty of challenges await you as you visit the nation’s provinces and territories with these eleven quizzes!


Does Alberta have a connection to Halloween traditions? Which Marvel superhero is an Albertan? Those answers and more in this tricky Alberta quiz!

British Columbia

If you’re into furry things, and that's both mythological and real, then this British Columbia quiz is going to be a breeze. Just try your luck!


Welcome to Manitoba: home of sunflowers and delicious dipping sauce! And a lot more, of course. But how much of Manitoba do you know about? The answers lie in this quiz.

New Brunswick

new brunswick quiz

Is the Bay of Fundy home to sharks? Was the crossword puzzle invented in New Brunswick? Here's one way to find out: this New Brunswick quiz.

Newfoundland and Labrador

East coasters probably won’t be stumped by this quiz! Do you know what “You’re some crooked” means? Or which animals can be found in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Northwest Territories

Have you heard of the Snow King? If you have, you’re going to do amazingly on this quiz. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. It’s a win no matter what in this Northwest Territories Quiz!

Nova Scotia

Get ready to mosey on down to Atlantic Canada with this quiz. Know a thing or two about sailboats and tugboats? Then you’re going to ace this Nova Scotia quiz.


Nunavut quiz

How many time zones does Nunavut have? What’s on Nunavut’s flag? Think you know? All you have to do is take this Nunavut quiz and find out.

Prince Edward Island

Do you know how many potatoes Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) grows? What about the number of islands that make up P.E.I.? The answers to those questions and more in this tricky P.E.I quiz.

Canadian capitals

Canadian capitals quiz

Is it Saint John or St. John's? And what's the capital of Quebec again? Put your capital curiosities to rest with this quiz.

Canadian geography

Canadian geography map quiz

All the answers are hiding in the map when you take this clever quiz. Time to put your map-reading skills to the test!