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We all have gas. Some let it rip, others prefer to be silent, and then there are the deadly ones — and usually no one wants to take credit for those. Farts or flatulence (the scientific term) happens when the body rids the colon of unwanted gases through the anus. We fart up to 14 times a day, releasing up to 2,000 millilitres of gas — that’s the size of a 2L bottle of pop!

Have you ever wondered if other living creatures enjoy the same release of gases?

Nick Caruso, a PhD student at University of Alabama, wondered the same thing and brought the question to the forefront of everyone’s mind: do animals fart? So we decided to create a Does It Fart quiz based the findings, but don't get distracted by the iguana in the bath.



Take the quiz and see if these animals fart!

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