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Cottonball recommends her favourite books


If you’ve seen my Rock ‘N Roll Rhymes videos, then you probably know that Bookaboo is my most favourite musician ever! And just like the famous rock puppy, I love to snuggle up with a good story. Here are some of my favourite books that you might like to read:


The Adventures of Beekle by Dan DantatThe Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

By Dan Dantat
Ages: 4+

Psst! Wanna know a secret? Ever wonder where imaginary friends come from? Then you’ll want to read about Beekle, who went on a great journey to find out why he hasn’t been picked yet.


Olivia and the Fairy Princesses by Ian FalconerOlivia and the Fairy Princesses

By Ian Falconer
Ages: 3+

Olivia showed me that I can be any cat that I want to be! Every time someone expects Olivia to look a certain way, she goes and completely surprises them by being her own, unique pig. It’s good to be yourself! 


Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett JohnsonHarold and the Purple Crayon

By Crockett Johnson
Ages: 3+

Can you imagine what you could just draw anything you wanted, and it became real? What would I draw? Maybe a basket of tasty fish, or a warm blanket near a fire to snuggle on, or a box of sparkly cat toys. I think I need a magic purple crayon just like Harold has!


Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice SendakWhere the Wild Things Are

By Maurice Sendak
Ages: 2+

It’s fun to play pretend. You can be a cat in the jungle, or a space cat, or you can pretend to be the king of all the Wild Things on your own private island. Everything is possible when you pretend, just like in this great book.


This is a Moose by Richard T. MorrisThis is a Moose

By Richard T. Morris and Tom Lichtenheld
Ages: 4+

When I was a little kitten, I had big dreams. And now I’m part of the Studio K family. So I know how this moose feels. Dream big, moose — you can be any kind of moose you want to be.