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Do you dare enter Canada’s scariest haunted houses?



Did you know Canada is home to some of the MOST haunted houses in the WORLD?
And many of them are open to visitors!

Here are the stories of the people who used to live in these homes, but never really left!

Hear that? I think they're calling us to knock on their doors...
Do we dare enter? Do so at your own risk!

The Keg Mansion — Toronto, Ont.

Keg Mansion, Toronto, Ontario
Photo by Drm310 licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

People have both seen and felt ghostly presences in this haunted house!

One of the most famous ghosts is a small boy who likes to run up and down the main staircase. People have said they can hear him running! 

Today this mansion is a popular restaurant in downtown Toronto called The Keg Mansion (maybe your parents have taken you?), but back in the day it was one of the city’s most grand houses. Known as the A. McMaster House, it was first built in 1868.

Would you set foot in this restaurant? What if the bread basket's haunted too! And apparently, some people have even seen the little ghost boy peering out at them while they eat!

The Marr Residence — Saskatoon, Sask.

Marr Residence, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Photo by Drm310 licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

One of the ghosts in this haunted house is said to be an angry man who likes tormenting any women who visit the house!

No one is sure if this furious ghost used to live in the house (but never really left!), or was a patient during its days as a field hospital in 1885.

Known as The Marr Residence, this is the oldest building that's still in its same location in all of Saskatoon. It was actually there before the city was even founded!

With a house that old, maybe it's no surprise that people say they've experienced ghosts there! Be careful if you go near this one. Do you think you'd even make it to the second floor?

Craigdarroch Castle — Victoria, B. C.

Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, British Columbia
Photo by jayscratch licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

It is said that many ghosts live in this haunted house. There's apparently even a piano that begins to play with nobody at the keys!

The castle's beginnings weren't any less spooky. It was built by a rich coal baron named Robert Dunsmuir, but he died a year before it was completed!

It’s been a home, a military hospital and a college until becoming a museum in 1979, which is still open today.

Would you dare take a field trip to this haunted museum? And if you did: how fast would you run when you hear the piano playing all on its own?

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald — Edmonton, Alta.

(Photo credit: Jim 03 on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA)

Have you ever heard of a ghost horse? It's not just people haunting the grounds here!

When the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway built the hotel in 1915 (well, construction started in 1911), there's a story that says that one of the work horses dropped dead just as the foundation was being poured.

That horse haunts the hotel to this day!

Many guests who stay on the eighth floor say they hear the ghost horse galloping through the halls. Sometimes it can be heard in the basement. But no one has ever seen the ghost horse.

What would you do if you were in a dark basement and heard a phantom "neigh"? Do you think a ghost horse is even spookier than a regular ghost?

Hatley Castle — Victoria, B.C.

(Wikimedia/John Maushammer/CC BY-SA)

Imagine being in an empty study, and all of a sudden hearing a record play. That's what people say happens at this haunted house!

There have also been reports of doors and windows opening and closing all on their own!

In 1910, Hatley Castle was the home of B.C.'s lieutenant-governor James Dunsmuir and his family. But in 1915, the Dunsmuir's son, who had joined the war, died in the sinking of a ship called the Lusitania.

His parents never recovered from his death.

Today, it is said the Dunsmuir family is still at Hatley Castle, as ghosts! It's the Dunsmuir's son playing his favourite record in the study. And when the castle was used as rooming for a military college, cadets used to see Laura, the mother, in their rooms at night!


Although these haunted houses are open to the public (though you’ll have to make an appointment to visit the Marr Residence), they may be closed or limiting visitors during Covid. Make sure to check before you visit.