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Books that aren’t just for reading


Image by iStockphoto/m_pavlov

A Book That Helps Save The Planet

You know how books are made of paper? And paper comes from trees, right? But what if a book could turn back into a tree?! That’s exactly what this publisher from Argentina created - a tree, book, tree! The book is called Mi papi estuvo en la selva (which in English means My Father Was In The Jungle). Once you are finished reading the book, you can plant it in the ground and a tree will grow. This book is the true meaning of the word recycling. Take a look at the video to find out more about this eco friendly idea.

A Book That Cleans Water

In many places in the world, there are people who don’t have clean drinking water, which is something we need every day to stay healthy. The Drinkable Book, created by Theresa Dankovich, is filled with pages that can be ripped out and used to filter water and make it clean enough to drink. Each page contains messages about water safety. The book is still being tested with the hopes it will be available to people in need very soon.

A Cookbook You Can Eat

Who wants lasagna?! We do, we do! Introducing the world’s first cookbook that you can eat. Each sheet of paper is actually made of pasta and contains the recipe for how to make lasagna - as you turn the pasta “pages” and add the ingredients, you get one step closer to popping the whole thing in the oven (and then eating it of course!). It’s written in German so if you don’t understand what it says, you’ll have to ask a German friend to translate it for you! Sadly, you can’t find this book in a bookstore. It was made as a special edition by a German cookbook maker.

A Book That Comes To Life In Your Hands

This series of books called SAFARI, OCEAN and POLAR by Dan Kainan and Carol Kauffman are filled with movie-like images that appear to come to life as you turn the pages. Watch as safari cats leap across the plains, deep sea fish swim and arctic penguins waddle right on the page! These books use a Photicular Technology™ to create the very life-like moving images. Check out the video to see how the technology works!

A Book That Gives You X-Ray Vision

Have you ever wished you were able to see through solid objects like a superhero? Well now you can...sort of! This book called What’s inside?: See-through pages and magic surprises! lets you do just that. The book is filled with drawings of things like rockets, whales, machines and buildings but when you hold the pages up to the light, you can see inside them! This book also encourages you to draw in it to fill in other objects that belong inside the images. Watch the video to get the full picture (wah wah - pun intended!).