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App, app and away!


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Check out these seven apps that make the great outdoors that much greater. From an app that helps you map constellations, to a helpful guide to backyard bug life, these programs get your device, and you, out the door.

Meet The Insects (Forest, Village, Water & Grass editions)

Ages: 7+
Available for iPad

Meet The Insects is an app that teaches you (and your parents) about insects that live in three different biospheres: marshes, urban areas and the forest. The app lets you know about the type of bugs you would find in each biosphere, alongside a journal to help you keep your observations. Groovy graphics and awesome audio effects help keep kids present and encourages them to get outdoors.

home page of Meet the Insect


Ages: 8+
Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Leafsnap is an app that helps nature-enthusiasts of all ages to identify a leaf by taking a photo. Leafsnap scans the photograph using visual recognition software, provides similar looking matches to the leaf and lets you to decide on the closest match. Leafsnap also categorizes your photos so you can build your own leaf library.

picture of flowerpicture of oak leafpicture of plant species


Ages 9+
Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Explore the universe with this astronomy app that allows you to see magnified versions of planets, stars, constellations, and satellites in the part of the sky you’re looking at - day or night! The celestial objects are magnified, and with a tap, they pop up some cool facts!

Solar systemInternational Space StationCelestial scorpion

Audubon Birds - A Field Guide to North American Birds

Ages: 8+
Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

This app lets young ornithologists (bird scientists) carry an encyclopedia of bird knowledge in their pocket, alongside a virtual notebook to keep track of all those beaks you peak. You can even search for birds using the app, sorting by colour, size, body shape, and wingspan.

Picture of flying owlBarn owl Pictures of different owl species


Ages: 10+
Available on Android, iPad

Imagine going on a nature hike and you stumble upon a cool looking flower. What is that flower called? Where is it from? Pl@ntNet can help with that! This cool app is a tool that helps identify wild plants using pictures through visual recognition software. The more people that use it, the more information it has to offer the community.

Picture of an orchid flowerList of plantsPurple daisy flower


All screenshots from App Store on iTunes.