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April Fools’: 6 ways to convince your friends that you’re psychic


Photo by greg lilly licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

April Fools' Day - that magical day when we spend our time trying to trick our friends into believing all sorts of ridiculous things, hoaxes, and send them on a "fool's errand" to look for things that don't even exist! What better way to fool your friends than to convince your friends that you have extrasensory perception. Here are 6 super easy tricks you can try on your best buds or your siblings.

1) Stare intently at any dog, then confidently announce: “It’s hungry!”

dog at his bowl saying duh

2) Ask someone to think of a number between one and ten. Then predict: “Your number is divisible by one”

Mini Kreskin determining a number

3) Ask your parents if your friends can come over. No matter how they answer, say jokingly: “I knew you’d say that.”

child with a magic 8 ball

4) In the middle of PG movie, reassure fellow moviegoers by predicting a happy ending.

kid giving away the plot of a movie

5) Turn to someone who hasn’t said anything in a while and whisper, “I agree completely.”

whispering in another kid's ear

6) When your dad buys a lottery ticket, rub your temples and predict: “You will not win!”

winning lotto ticket

All illustrations by Bruce Simpson.