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A flood in Germany brought an eggy surprise


123RF/Somchai Rakin

There’s this little island way up in the North Sea, just off the coast of Germany called Langeoog (say “LIANG-uh-oog”). Its name comes from a very old form of German and it means “long island,” which makes sense, since the island is long and skinny. The whole island is made up of sand, so it’s like one big beach! And there are no cars allowed so everyone either rides a bicycle or walks from one end of the small island to the other.

plastic eggs washed ashore on the beach of the island of Langeoog

Tourists gather colourful plastic eggs on the beach of the German North Sea island of Langeoog in early January, 2017. (KlausKremer/dpa via AP)

At the beginning of the year, there was a big storm that caused a lot of flooding on Germany’s northern coast and islands. One morning, Storm Axel brought them an egg-celent surprise! Thousands of coloured plastic Easter eggs with little toys inside had washed up on their beach overnight. The plastic eggs fell off a cargo ship from China that was caught in the storm and now found a new home with the children of Langeoog.