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9 surprising facts about puppies


Photo via Pixabay

They’re floofy, they’re floppy and they’re oh-so sweet! It would be hard to find a person who would say that puppies are not super adorable, but in addition to cuteness, they’re also fascinating.

Take a look at these interesting puppy facts:

1. Puppies are born blind and deaf

Tiny pink puppies with white fur sleep together.
Photo by Ard Hesselink licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

They actually can’t see or hear until they’re almost two weeks old — they don’t even open their eyes before then! Until they are able to see and hear, puppies rely on their sense of smell to find their mom.

2. They spend 15–20 hours a day sleeping

A bunch of blonde puppies asleep together.
Photo via Pixabay

That’s not too unusual — human babies also spend about 16 hours a day sleeping.

3. Puppies become ‘adults’ when they turn one

A Weimaraner puppy about stares at the camera.
Photo via Pixabay

That’s about the same as 15 human years. Teen dogs are still pretty cute.

4. They like when you sing-talk to them

Young boy holds puppy.
Photo via Pixabay

It seems natural that you 'baby talk' to a puppy, but researchers have found that they actually respond to it! However, adult dogs could care less.

5. Puppies are born without teeth

Puppy chewing on a tennis ball.
Photo by Stephanie Wallace licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

You might think of puppies chewing up everything around the house, but they are actually toothless until they’re about four weeks old.

6. The number of puppies depends on the breed

Several puppies suckling on their mother.
Photo by Steven Lilley licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Different breeds of dogs have different sizes of litters (that’s the number of puppies born at one time). Dogs that are older or smaller tend to have small litters, and dogs that are younger or larger tend to have bigger litters. The largest litter on record was 24 puppies, born to Tia — a Mastiff breed dog. Congratulations!

7. Puppies can be twins!

Four identical-looking cockerspaniel puppies.
Photo via Pixabay

A litter of puppies may look all look alike (especially if they’re the same breed), but mostly they are not identical. However, one scientist in South Africa tested DNA on a set of puppies and found out that two of them actually were twins! Double the cuteness!

8. Newborn puppies can’t poop

Two really young puppies lay on top of each other.
Photo by Bob Bibbings licensed CC BY-NC-ND

It’s true! Baby puppies need their mom to help them go to the bathroom. If you’ve had a puppy, you know this isn’t a problem for very long!

9. Looking at pictures of puppies is good for you!

Little puppy sticks its tongue out with its eyes closed.
Photo via Pixabay

Japanese researchers have discovered that looking at pictures of cute baby animals help people focus better. So just maybe reading this post will help you ace your next test at school! (Studying is probably a good idea too — just in case…)