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8 Snacks kids eat around the world


Photo by Peter Thoeny - Quality HDR Photography licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

You come home from school and you’re hungry for a little something-something before dinner. Do you reach for an apple? Maybe a granola bar or something salty like potato chips? Everyone has their favourite snacks and they vary from place to place around the world. Here are some worldly snacks you may have never thought of!

Russia: Dried Wild Fish

a basket of Russian dried fish snacks

Photo by Thomas Leuthard licensed CC BY 2.0 

Also known as Vobla, this fish snack is not cooked but dried in salt (when something is dried or preserved in salt it’s also known as being "cured"). The entire fish is cured, including the bones. People all over Russia love this simple, natural snack. It’s kind of like beef jerky but made with fish. Pull it apart and make you sure you remove the bones before chomping down on the chewy goodness!

Iceland: Hákarl

a bowl of fermented shark meat snack

Photo by Audrey licensed CC BY 2.0 

Hákarl, or fermented shark meat, is a snack for the brave...unless you grew up eating it and are used to the very strange, chemical smell and fishy flavour. The shark is cleaned and then buried under piles of sand and stones. After 6-12 weeks the shark is removed from the ground and cut into strips and then hung to dry for many months. After it has completely dried it is cut into cubes and served. Are you adventurous enough to try it?!

Norway: Smash!

a chocolate covered corn chip snack

Photo by Jonny Rees-Williams licensed CC BY-ND 2.0 

Smash! is a snack that combines sweet and salty flavours in a chocolate covered cone shaped corn chip. This snack is light and crispy and highly addictive!

China: Dried squid

packages of dried shredded squid snacks

Photo by sharyn morrow licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

China isn’t the only country to eat dried shredded squid. People in other Asian countries, Russia and Hawaii also enjoy the tough and chewy seafood snack. The pre-packaged squid is usually coated with seasoning and spices to give it some extra flavour. Are you hungry yet?

Spain: Bread with Melted Chocolate

toast covered in chocolate

Photo by Andres Rodriguez licensed CC BY 2.0 

Kids in Spain love a slice of crusty homemade bread smeared with melted milk chocolate. But there’s a twist! Once the chocolate has been spread onto the bread it is sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled with olive oil.

South Africa: Biltong

a pile of South African cured jerky-like meat snack


A classic snack in South Africa is the chewy, cured, jerky-like meat called Biltong. Often made with beef but can also be made with chicken, ostrich and other types of meat. What sets biltong apart from regular beef jerky is that it is cut thicker, it’s flavoured with vinegar and brown sugar and it is never smoked like the beef jerky we’re used to in North America.

Israel: Bamba

a snack from Israel that looks like cheese puffs but tastes like peanut butter

Wikimedia/Nsaum75/CC BY-SA 3.0

You know what cheese puffs are right? And you probably know what peanut butter is...but did you know that people of Israel love a snack that is a combo of those two things? Well, they don’t taste like cheese but have the texture of a cheese puff and the flavour of peanut butter!

Chile: Pan con Palta

toast loaded up with soft avocado slices and sprinkled with salt and pepper

Photo by Ytaka Seki licensed CC BY 2.0 

A quick and simple snack in Chile is called pan con palta which means bread with avocado. It is made with a soft Chilean bread called marraqueta, creamy avocado on top and then sprinkled with salt and pepper. Simple and healthy too!