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Fingertip cones, pickle splits and 6 other ways to eat ice cream


Image courtesy of Couleur/Pixabay

Did you know that people love ice cream so much that there's an Ice Cream for Breakfast Day?

How amazing is that? Now to just get your parents to agree to it...

Now we know that I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream — but how do you eat your ice cream?

Check out these fun twists on everyone's favourite treat!

Ice cream cones for your fingertips

Giaplo ice cream finger cones
Photo courtesy © Davide Zerrilli — Giapo

There’s no need to hold this ice cream cone, it fits right on the tip of your finger! A chef from New Zealand created this sweet treat. He says the cone, which slips right on your fingertip, was designed so it doesn’t leak.

Pickle split

Pickle split by Pine Mountain Coffee House
Photo courtesy © Pine Mountain Country Coffee House and Mercantile Festus MO

Forget bananas. This ice cream dish skips the banana and includes a pickle instead! The pickle split is served at a restaurant in Missouri. It includes a pickle topped with three scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and cherries.

Ice cream burgers

Ice cream burger

This frozen dessert looks like a burger, but it’s actually two scoops of ice cream served inside a chocolate bun. And chocolate sauce is the only topping you can add!

Ice cream and watermelon

Watermelon ice cream.

This is an ice cream sandwich with a twist! A restaurant in Toronto offers soft serve ice cream in between two pieces of juicy watermelon.

Keep the fun going by playing the Ice Cream Frenzy game!

Iced spaghetti

Ice cream spaghetti

Instead of pasta, this spaghetti is made from thin strands of vanilla ice cream. And it’s topped with homemade strawberry sauce that looks a lot like tomato sauce!

Ice cream tacos

Ice cream tacos

If you visit this food truck, you’ll get ice cream served up like a taco. A waffle cone is made in the shape of a taco shell, then it’s filled with ice cream. The taco can then be topped with everything from nuts and coconut, to candy and even pieces of cereal!

Ice cream burrito

Ice cream burrito

Cotton candy makes everything better! To make this ice cream dessert, first cotton candy is flattened out. Then ice cream, candy and sprinkles are placed on it. The whole thing is rolled up to make the ultimate sweet burrito.

Fish and chips ice cream

Fish and chips ice cream
Image courtesy of © Ben & Jerry's

There’s no actual fish in this dessert, and it doesn’t taste like fish either. Phew! It’s just made to look like fish and chips. First, an ice cream called Phish and Chips is used — it’s chocolate-flavoured with marshmallow swirls and pieces of chocolate-shaped fish. The ice cream is covered in batter and then fried up. It’s served with pretzels on the side, as well as raspberry ketchup and a sweet dipping sauce.