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8 comic book characters you’ve probably never heard of


Photo by JD Hancock licensed CC BY 2.0

You may know a lot about comic book characters like Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, but what about those characters who don’t get any of the glory? No action figures or movies for these guys. Don’t they deserve some attention? For National Comic Book Day, which rolls around on September 25, we’re giving these characters a special shout-out. Meet some cool comic book characters you may know nothing about!


Superhero Captain Marvel.

Name: Captain Marvel
Category: Superhero
Powers: Superhuman strength and can fly at three times the speed of sound. She can also fire explosive blasts of light from her fingertips, and pilot alien starships and planes.
Fun fact: Owns an alien pet cat named Chewie.

Read all about Captain Marvel's first appearance in Marvel Super Heroes #18, Ms. Marvel #1 (2006), Marvel Comics.

Photo by theNerdPatrol licensed CC BY 2.0






Comic book titled Moon Knight.

Name: Moon Knight
Category: Superhero
Powers: Gains super-power strength and excellent reflexes when night falls; he’s especially strong during a full moon. Watch out — he's a skilled acrobat gymnast and pilot.
Special gear: Uses his cape as a glider. He also has special aircrafts to get around, including a helicopter shaped like a crescent moon.

Read more about Moon Knight's adventures in all 38 issues of Moon Knight, published between 1980 and 1984 by Marvel Comics.

Photo by Marc Faletti licensed CC BY-NC 2.0






Comic art of Prism, created by Chris Claremont and Louise Simpson.

Name: Prism
Category: Supervillain
Powers: Has a crystal-like body that allows him to absorb and reflect beams of light. He uses the light to blind enemies!
Weaknesses: Body can shatter if it collides with something, but it’s believed he can be pieced back together.

Read about Prism's first appearance in X-Factor vol. 1 (November 1986), Marvel comics.

All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2014 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Comic panel showing Star Girl. Name: Stargirl
Category: Superhero
Abilities: An expert gymnast and kickboxer.
Special gear: Has a star belt that gives her superhuman strength and a Cosmic Staff that allows her to fly. It also fires “shooting stars.”
Fun fact: Helped found the Justice League United, a superhero team based in Canada. Current members include: Alanna Strange, Animal Man, and Equinox.

Read about Stargirl's first appearance in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0, (July 1999), DC Comics.

Photo by istolethetv licensed CC BY 2.0











Comic art of super villain, AnacondaName: Anaconda
Category: Supervillain
Powers: Can stretch out her arms or legs to twist around people, squeezing tightly like a snake — few can escape this grip. She can also breathe underwater thanks to her gills.
Fun fact: Loves to listen to show tunes from popular musicals.

Read all about Anaconda's first appearance in Marvel Two-in-One #64, (June 1980), Marvel Comics.

Anaconda, art by Scott Eaton.


Comic book cover: House of MysteryName: Plastic Man
Category: Superhero
Powers: Can stretch his limbs and body like an elastic band. He can also shape-shift, allowing him to change the size and shape of his body. And he is also known to be a master detective.
Weaknesses: May be affected by extreme heat. In one instance, he was attacked by an alien’s heat vision and temporarily melted.

Read all about Plastic Man's first appearance in Police Comics #1, (August 1941), DC Comics.

Wikipedia: House of Mystery #160 (July 1966). Cover art by Jim Mooney.






Clayface in Detective Comics #938 (October 216). Art by Álvaro Martínez and Al Barrionuevo.Name: Clayface
Role: Supervillain
Powers: Has a clay-like body that allows him to shape-shift and make himself look like someone else.
Weaknesses: May become frozen in extremely cold temperatures.
Fun fact: Is able to create people using the clay in his body and then control them.

Read about Clayface's first appearance in Detective Comics #40, (June 1940), DC Comics.

Clayface in Detective Comics #938 (October 2016). Art by Álvaro Martínez and Al Barrionuevo.





Zatana — a superhero who casts spells by speaking backwards.Name: Zatanna
Category: Superhero
Powers: She is a master illusionist and can cast magical spells by speaking backwards. She is often seen with a magician’s wand and hat, but does not need them to use her magical powers.
Fun fact: Is a member of group of humans who were born with the ability to practice magic.

Read about Zatanna's first appearance in Hawkman #4 (October-November 1964), DC Comics.

Zatanna: Everyday Magic (2003, DC Comics). Illustration by Brian Boland.