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7 Silliest supervillains


Photo by Julian Fong licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

What’s a superhero without someone to battle? If a supervillain didn’t come along with an evil plot all those heroes would just be using their powers to open jars and rescue cats from trees. A good – or rather bad – villain makes a superhero story cool. But then there are the supervillains who don’t make anyone look cool. They’re just silly.


comic panel showing Kite-Man supervillainThis criminal battled Batman on a few occasions. He really, really loved kites, flying with a jet-powered one, attacking Batman and Robin with tiny kites, and using remote-controlled kites for robberies. No one was very impressed. The only good thing to come out of Kite-Man’s appearances was that Batman came up with the (much cooler) Batglider to defeat him.

Batman Wikia

Paste Pot Pete

Comic art showing Paste Pot Pete supervillainPeter Petruski was once an award-winning chemist. Unfortunately after he invented a super-strong glue, he decided on a life of crime… and a horrible supervillain name. As Paste Pot Pete, he used his glue gun to rob banks and battle the Fantastic Four. He wasn’t entirely unsuccessful and ended up in some supervillain groups. When he encountered Spider-Man though, Spidey found the name too ridiculous to take seriously and burst out laughing. After that Paste Pot Pete changed his name to The Trapster. Better, but still not great.

Deadpool, Vol 3 #24. All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2014 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Crazy Quilt

Cover of Boy Commandos comic showing Crazy Quilt villainAppearing in Batman comics and the cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Crazy Quilt is still one of Batman’s silliest foes. A former master thief, Crazy Quilt went insane after eye surgery left him only able to see bright colours. Wearing a wildly coloured costume and a helmet that flashed hypnotic light beams, Crazy Quilt went on a series of crimes involving bright colours – like stealing paintings or draining colour from Gotham City. Most of the time Crazy Quilt isn’t worth Batman’s time and Robin ends up defeating him.

Cover of Boy Commandos #15 (May 1946). Art by Jack Kirby.

Lady Stilt-Man

Comic panel showing Spider-Man fighting Lady Stilt-ManIt’s bad enough that there was a supervillain called Stilt-Man, but then there was Lady Stilt-Man. Not Stilt-Woman, or Stilt-Girl or even just Stilts, they went with Lady Stilt-Man. With a name that makes no sense, you might expect some cool powers to make up for it. But Lady Stilt-Man – like Stilt-Man before her – just wears stilts that grow to make her really tall. She does have armour in her stilt suit and can also extend her arms to throw punches, so that’s something. Still Lady Stilt-Man is so bad at villainy that Spider-Man felt sorry for her.

Many Loves of Spider-Man #1, p37, pan 1

Condiment King

Comic panel showing the Condiment King supervillainStarting out in the cartoon series Batman: The Animated Series, the Condiment King also appeared in comic books, mainly battling Robin and Batgirl. His only powers are a pair of guns that shoot different condiments – usually ketchup and mustard, but also sometimes hot sauce. As Robin points out, he could be very dangerous if someone had an allergy, but otherwise no one takes this villain seriously.

Batman Wikia

The Walrus

Artwork of the Walrus supervillainUnlike the other villains on this list the Walrus actually has superpowers. He’s strong and tough and, because of his walrus qualities, can hold his breath a long time underwater. Unfortunately he’s not very smart and he never has much of a plan - the Walrus just likes to break stuff. He also wears a suit with tusks on it to make him look more like a walrus, so it’s hard for heroes like Spider-Man to take him seriously as a threat.

All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2014 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Killer Moth

Artwork of Killer Moth supervillainKiller Moth set himself up as a villain to defeat Batman, even creating his own Mothcave lair. The thing is, a bat is kind of scary, a moth – unless you’re wearing your favourite wool sweater – is less so. It didn’t help that Killer Moth wore a purple costume and red and green striped tights. Like Batman, Killer Moth had lots of gadgets, like a moth-mobile, a moth signal, and a cocoon gun, which would trap his enemies. It’s just that moths... not that scary.

Batman Wikia