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9 Canadian corn mazes you can get lost in this fall


Copyright: reminisceltd / 123RF Stock Photo

Imagine a video game where you have to find your way through a giant maze with so many twists, turns and dead ends that you could spend hours wandering around, wondering if you’ll ever find your way out. Now imagine you could play that game in real life. If you have a corn maze nearby, you can.

Here are just a couple of cool corn mazes you can visit across Canada this autumn. There's a lot more of them, at farms all over the country, so there just might be one near where you live.

Edmonton Corn Maze – Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton corn maze from overhead designed for a video game

(Photo courtesy of Edmonton Corn Maze)

Speaking of video games, this maze is designed with the creators of an upcoming video game called Anthem. Kids and adults can get through this beauty of more than five kilometres of twists and turns in about half an hour.

Amaze in Corn – St. Adolphe, Manitoba

two people in the corn maze looking up at the zip line

You can walk through the maze or take a zip line over it. (Photo by Justin Ladia licensed CC BY 2.0)

Not only does Amaze in Corn have an incredible corn maze, but you can zip line right over it! Now THAT will get your heart going!

Calgary Corn Maze – Calgary, Alberta

Calgary corn maze from the air show the Canada 150 design

This corn maze in Southern Alberta had a Canada 150 theme in 2017. (Photo courtesy of Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm)

There’s a huge, 4-hectare maze (the size of 10 football fields!) or a smaller 1.2-hectare maze. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can explore the maze at night by flashlight.

Hunter Brothers Farm Market – Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick

Unlike most mazes, the Hunter Brothers are happy to share how they make their famous corn maze. Once you’ve beat the maze, you can visit the petting zoo, go down the giant slides or watch a pig race!

Saunder's Farm – Ottawa, Ontario

To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, Saunders Farm has created a huge 1.6-hectare corn maze that you can explore. And if that's not enough fun for you, this farm has the largest collection of mazes and labyrinths in North America made out of corn, hedges, grapevines, and more. If you come around near Halloween, you can take a haunted hayride!

Pingle's Farm Market — Hampton, Ontario

Pingle's pirate corn maze from overhead

(Photo courtesy of Colleen Pingle/Pingle's Farm Market)

This year's 3.2-hectare maze is pirate-themed! Throughout the maze there's pirate fun facts and clues to questions that will have you guessing throughout your journey through the maze. If you’re going the right way, you’ll find the answers. If not…well, you might be wandering around for a while.

Chilliwack Corn Maze — Chilliwack, British Columbia

This 5-hectare corn maze has been around since 1999, and every year there's been a new design for the maze — that's over 20 designs so far! There's challenges in the maze to keep you busy along the way.  

Pendray's Corn Maze — North Saanich, British Columbia

a view of Pendray's corn maze from above

This is our Pendray's third year in business and they're celebrating Canada 150. Their maze includes a map of Canada, a polar bear, a hockey player, the Parliament Buildings and a salmon! Go check them out. They'd love to show you around.

Bose Corn Maze — Surrey, British Columbia

Bose corn maze from abov

This is the 18th season for Bose's corn maze and like many of the other mazes across Canada, they're celebrating Canada's 150th birthday and the design looks like a postage stamp with our maple leaf and a beaver in the centre. Not only can you visit rain or shine, but you can bring your flashlight and check out the maze at night. 


tree with a sign that say corn maze

Photo credit: AndyMcLemore via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA

  • A corn maze is also called a maize maze. Maize is the Spanish word for corn.
  • There's a difference between a maze and a labyrinth. A maze has more than one exit and entrance and can have dead ends, while a labyrinth has only one path which leads to the centre then back out the same way to the only entry/exit.
  • Most corn mazes harvest their corn in late October. That corn maze you’re enjoying doesn’t go to waste!
  • The variety of corn in corn mazes isn’t the same kind you eat, slathered in butter and salt. Corn maze corn is usually the kind of corn that farmers feed to their cows.
  • The largest corn maze ever created was a 24-hectare temporary maze in Dixon, California — that's about the size of 60 football fields!