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6 wacky foods you can eat at fairs


Photo from Pixabay

Like most fairs, the Canadian National Exhibition (or CNE for short) has its share of wacky food. This year, one vendor plans to sell a spaghetti and meatball hamburger. It willll have one patty made of deep-fried chopped spaghetti and cheese, along with a second made from a meatball mixture. Take a look at some of the other unusual treats that you can get now and have been offered in the past at fairs across North America.

1. Peanut Butter Kabob

peanut butter kabobs

Photo by Red Tiangha licensed CC BY 2.0

It’s PB & J with a twist. This kabob at the Calgary Stampede is made from pieces of deep-fried peanut butter sandwich, as well as fried peanut butter cups.

2. Mini Donut Ice Pops

mini donut ice pops

Photo by Red Tiangha licensed CC BY 2.0

This frozen popsicle served up at Edmonton’s K-Days festival is chock-full of mini-donuts.

3. Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob

bacon wrapped corn on the cob

Photo by Michael Kwan licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

At the Red River Ex in Winnipeg, one vendor wraps bacon around a corn cob, grills it, and then dips the entire thing in melted butter.

4. Donut Burger

donut cheeseburger

Photo by Phil Denton licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Found at Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition, this burger features a beef patty, cheese, and bacon served between two glazed donuts. 

5. Pickle Pop

pickle pop

Photo by Harper Reed licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

At the Kansas State Fair, this frozen treat is made from sour pickle juice.

6. Octo-dog


Photo by Angela licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In spite of its name, there’s no octopus in this snack. Found at the Iowa State Fair, an octo-dog is a hot dog that’s sliced so that it curls up like an octopus as it’s cooked.