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6 screaming roller-coaster rides from all over the world


Photo by Jeremy Thompson licensed CC BY 2.0

Nothing screams summer more than heading to the amusement parks to hit up the latest roller-coaster rides. Whether you like speed, or death defying drops, or prefer loop-the-loops — there is something for everyone.

Here’s a list of six wild and crazy roller-coaster rides around the planet that caught our eye. These metal beasts will guarantee that rush of adrenaline — making you want to come back and line up for more. 

Yukon Striker


Location: Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario
Claim to fame: This is Canada's fastest and tallest dive coaster!
Beginner's tip: Don't...look...down...

Clocking in at 130 kilometres per hour, this thrill ride has a 90-degree 75-metre plunge into an underwater tunnel. With four dynamic inversions, including a complete 360-degree loop, it's the only dive coaster of its kind. It may be the 17th roller-coaster in the park, but it's by far the scariest!

Wicked Twister


Location: Cedar Point in Ohio, U.S.A.
Claim to fame: This is a double twisting impulse coaster.
Beginner’s tip: Not recommended after lunch.

It’s a double twisting coaster that does 450-degree spirals at the end of the tracks. This stomach-churning ride takes you forward 63 metres up a twisting tower, then drops you backwards down the track to go up the other twisting tower — four times!

Formula Rossa


Location: Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Claim to fame: This is the FASTEST roller coaster in the world!
Beginner’s tip: Riders are required to wear skydiving goggles.

This Formula One-inspired ride is the fastest coaster in the world. After you strap your goggles on — yes, you are required to wear them when travelling at these speeds — you will be blasted 240 kilometres per hour in only 4.9 seconds, faster than a race car! Passengers are secured in their seats with only a lap bar, which makes the experience a little more frightening when the Formula Rossa reaches heights of 52 metres in the air.

BATMAN: The Ride


Location: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California, U.S.A.
Claim to fame: World class 4D free fly coaster
Beginner’s Tip: Bring your swimsuit!

The BATMAN: The Ride coaster has 4D wing vehicles that let riders face each other as they tumble head-over-heels at least six times. After being lifted straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill, riders will get some real sensory overload as they encounter unexpected drops and vertical free-falls, all without any track above or below them.

Steel Dragon 2000


Location: Nagashima Spa Land, Japan
Claim to fame: Longest roller-coaster in the world.
Beginner’s tip: Admire the scenic view since it will be a while.

The Steel Dragon 2000 boasts over 2,479 metres of track with speeds of up to 153 kilometres per hour. Because this coaster was built in Japan, it required a lot more steel than other coasters in order to keep it safe in case of earthquakes. The Steel Dragon 2000 debuted in the year 2000, which was the year of the dragon.

Full Throttle


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California
Claim to fame: The world's tallest loop.
Beginner’s tip: If you're a screamer, you may run out of breath before you finish the loop.

The Full Throttle steel roller-coaster gives riders a chance to experience the world’s tallest loop at 38.75 metres. The total ride lasts 1.5 seconds.