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5 silly ways to make your family laugh on April Fools’ Day


123RF/Dean Drobot

It’s that time of year again. April Fools' Day — a time for silly and funny ways to trick your family with funny fake-outs! We’ve rounded up some easy pranks that are sure to get a laugh. Remember that when it comes to April Fools' Day, your gags should never been mean or hurtful. Keep it all in good fun. Now let the trickery begin!

My, What Big Feet You Have!

little kid with big shoes

123RF/Win Nondakowit

Stuff a facecloth or other small fabric into the toes of your sibling’s shoes. Or do the same to a cousin or friend's shoes. Then mention how their feet look especially big today. When they put on their shoes later, they’ll feel as if their feet have grown!

Toilet Trick

roll of toilet paper with post it note that has funny face on it

123rf/Rancz Andrei

Tape a funny message (like: "Gotcha!" or a funny face) partway in a roll of toilet paper. That way, when someone pulls on the paper, they’ll be surprised to discover your note.


a plate covered in paper letter E's

123rf/Arkadiy Mochulskiy/Maksim Kabakou

Using a brown marker, draw the letter E several times on a piece of paper. Or cut out a bunch of letter Es from brown construction paper. Tell someone you have brownies to share with them at snack time. When it’s time to eat, bring out a plate covered in tin foil. When you pull back the foil, they'll find brown Es instead of brownies! Get it?

Wait, what's that picture?

Photo frame on a mantel

(elsa77 & Iryna Khabliuk/123RF)

This one is so easy, you can do it all on your own. Take out a photo from one of the picture frames in your house and replace it with a random photo. It could be anything — a drawing of yours, something you cut out of a magazine or even a selfie! Now just wait till somebody notices!

Did the remote run out of batteries?

kids sitting on a couch using a remote


Place a piece of black tape over the sensor on your TV remote — it's the little thing that lights up red right at the end. Then sit back and watch the next person to use the remote try to change the channel.