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5 tips on moving to a new school


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One of the best parts of heading back to school is getting to see all the friends you missed over the Summer. But what if you had to move to a new school? What if you don’t have any friends you’re looking forward to seeing? Starting all over again at a new school can be tough. Here a few tips that will hopefully make it at least a little bit easier.

1. Don’t be Scared!

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Starting all over at a new school can be scary. It’s normal to feel nervous or worried. But everybody’s been the new kid somewhere at some point. It might feel like everything is terrible right now, but that feeling will fade, and everything will start feeling normal pretty quickly. Try focusing on the positive aspects of moving to a new school. Maybe you’re excited to meet new friends! Or maybe your school has a great sports team, or an amazing drama program that sounds cool. There’s sure to be at least one thing that you can think of to get yourself jazzed to start school!

2. Get To Know Your Surroundings

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If possible, see if your guardians can take you for a tour of your new school before classes actually start. Get to know where all the important rooms are, like the library and the cafeteria. Even better, if you're going to be having classes in different rooms, see if you can get your class schedule and figure out where your classrooms are. This will keep you from looking totally lost on the first day, and can help to give you some confidence. Feeling more comfortable in your new surroundings will go a long way in making you feel better about your move.

3. Be Yourself!

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When you move to a new school, you might feel the urge to try to reinvent yourself. Everyone has done it. At your new school, you’re going to be cooler, smarter, more popular, tougher. But that’s putting a lot of pressure on yourself, on top of everything else. Instead, just focus on being yourself. After all, you’re already great at that! Wear clothes that you like, and be honest about yourself. You’ll be a lot more confident not worrying about what everyone else thinks of you, and you’ll attract friends you actually want to hang out with, instead of people you’re just trying to impress.

4. Connect With People You Know

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Leaving behind all your friends is probably the worst part of moving to a new school. But maybe you already know some people at your new one! Maybe your cousin goes there, or a friend you went to camp with once. Or maybe you moved to a new neighbourhood, and the kid next door that you got to know over the summer is in your class! Connecting with people you already know can make it a little easier to start at a new place. It can give you some people to talk to about things that might be different at your new school compared to your old one!

5. Join A Club!

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Ask your teacher or the office about after school activities at your school. Most schools have clubs, as well as sports teams, school plays, and student organizations. These can be a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you. On top of that, they’re a great way to have fun and explore your interests. Who knows, your new school might even have a club for your exact hobby that your old school didn’t!

On top of everything, just remember: it’s okay to feel a little freaked out. Moving schools is a big change. If you feel sad, or angry, or overwhelmed, that’s just fine. Talk to your parents, or a big sibling, or a teacher about it, and remember: everything’s going to be okay.