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5 reasons pigs make awesome pets


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Imagine a pig... where do you see it? You probably picture the pig on a farm, running and rolling around in some mud — but what about on a leash? What you’re picturing now may look a little silly, and you may even be saying, “But it’s dogs we walk on leashes!” True, but recently, more and more people are putting collars (and dog-sized sweaters) on pigs. They're still a big commitment, and need lots of outdoor space to play in, but who knows? Your family may be just right for a pet pig. So the next time you’re thinking of pets, remember all these reasons why pigs make awesome pets!

Pigs are squeaky clean

A brown, spotted pig swimming in crystal blue water with a bird on its back

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Though we’re always linking pigs to muddy places, that doesn’t mean they’re not clean animals! Pigs like to roll around in the mud to keep cool on hot days (since pigs can’t sweat), but so long as you keep your pig someplace temperature-controlled, they won’t be getting into anything messy. Pigs also won’t bring anything weird home from outside (like certain canine and feline pets we know) and when properly cared for, they’re free of any funky smells.

Pigs can learn tricks

A cute brown, spotted pig with big floppy ears standing outside on some leaves with older pigs in the background

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Your parents may not consider your pet pig figuring out the door to the treat cabinet a fun trick, but it’ll certainly keep you entertained! Pigs are a lot like dogs in that they’re easily trained to follow commands, but since a pig’s intelligence is ranked among dolphins (which is one of the smartest animals on earth!) they can learn to rollover and shake a hoof as easily as they can master doors — fridge included.

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Pigs keep it curious

A cute little black and pink spotted piglet looking forward, standing in hay

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You’ll often see pigs with their nose (or snout) to the ground and that’s because they’re always checking out their environment. Just like how dogs are always sniffing everything around them, pigs rely on their sense of scent to map out their surroundings and what’s below them — pigs can smell up to 25 feet underground! Once they’ve gotten all their sniffs out, pigs can run around the area without hitting a wall or bump, even if they’re not looking!

Pigs won’t make you sneeze

A black pig with a white spot between his eyes standing and looking to the left in grass and hay

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Ever pet a pig? If you have, you know they’re not as soft as say a cat, but that’s because they don’t have fur, they have hair. A pig’s hair feels a little scratchy, but that’s actually a good thing for anyone who is allergic to lots of animals. The bristly hair pigs have is hypoallergenic, which means it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, and it doesn’t shed, so you won’t be cleaning it up or accidentally breathing it in!

Pigs just want to cuddle!

Two pink and black piglets with the one in the back resting its head on the other's back

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Pigs are pack animals just like us, so they crave attention and time with their loved ones. You’ll know when your pet pig wants a scratch or some snuggles because they have some serious communication skills — they can bark, cough, squeal and even laugh! (Okay, it’s an extra joyful squeal that sounds like laughter, but pigs only use it when they’re extra pleased about something, whether that’s a yummy treat or a new toy.) If a pig considers you their friend or family, you’ll be greeted with a happy squeal right before they roll on their back for a tummy rub!