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5 dream treehouses from across Canada


Photo courtesy of Tom Chudleigh

Now that spring has finally sprung it’s time to put down those glowing little devices and get outside. And what better way to do that than to get above it all in a treehouse. There are some amazing and creative treehouses all across Canada that you can visit, stay in, and maybe even use as inspiration for your own fantastical creations.

Music of the spheres

Free Spirit Spheres treehouses

Photo courtesy of Tom Chudleigh

Maybe you want to check out a treehouse that is out of this world. Then these Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island are the inspiration you need. These three functional works of art are suspended from a web of rope, giving you the sensation of living inside your own planet. One even features a skylight where you can watch the stars while listening to cosmic tunes on built in speakers. If you actually want to visit this one you must be 16 or older. Birthday present, maybe?

Castle in the sky

anime inspired 4Treehouse lit up at night

Photo courtesy of Shanghai & Warsaw

Looking for something more Anime-inspired? Check out the 4Treehouse in Muskoka, Ontario. You might get Spirited Away to a place where your neighbours with Totoro in a treehouse inspired by Japanese lanterns. This treehouse appears to float around four trees that provide support for three floors of forest fun. With a central tube that connects all the floors you’ll be able to “level up” every time you visit.

The Loft of destiny

The Hemloft treehouse

Photo courtesy of Joel Allen

Need a fantasy-themed treehouse to hide from orcs and trolls? Then you need to check out the Hemloft hidden deep in a forest near Whistler, British Columbia.   This treehouse features pop-up skylights that are perfect for spotting invading monsters or fellowships… of the something or other.  

Enchanted hideaway

enchanted forest treehouse

Photo courtesy of the Enchanted Forest

Want to be the envy of Snow White, Rapunzel and Cinderella? Then you may want to draw inspiration from this treehouse in the Enchanted Forest in Revelstoke, British Columbia. At over 14 metres tall, this three-story treehouse is the tallest in the province (maybe even Canada) with 64 steps to the top. That’s a lot of “hi-ho, hi-ho its up the stairs we go” to get to the top.  

Just in case you're thinking that you could never have a treehouse like this in your own back yard, check out one that a Toronto man built for his kids.

Ahoy mateys!

Treehouse in shape of ship

Photo by The Canadian Press/Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Ever wanted to sail the high seas but just didn't want to leave your house? Then this boat-themed treehouse would be perfect for you. This ten square metre vessel in Toronto was built with windows that open, a snack area and a ship’s wheel for you to proudly pilot the waves. Standing on the prow of this ship will definitely make you feel like Captain of the neighbourhood.