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5 bicycle playgrounds from around the world


Photo courtesy of Canadian Ramp Company/Progressive Bike Ramps

Hold on to your handlebars, because we’re about to show you the latest and greatest in cycling fun — bicycle playgrounds! They’re popping up all over, so grab your helmet and your bike and let’s ride.

What are bicycle playgrounds?

Cycling is an important part of the culture in Denmark.

A bicycle playground is a car-free space for kids to ride bikes.

Instead of playground equipment, there are ramps, tunnels, teeter-totters and even painted surfaces that riders can follow.

Each bicycle playground is unique in design, but they all have one thing in common: they're fun!

Kids of all ages and skill levels practice their balance and coordination so they become more confident riders before hitting the road or the trails.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kids learning to ride on balance bikes in a bicycle playground in Denmark.
Photo by Mikkel Østergaard/The Cyclist Union via Cyclists’ Federation

In Copenhagen, Denmark, cycling is an important way of transportation. That’s why the Danish Cyclists’ Federation has built at least 10 bicycle playgrounds in different cities for kids to ride and practice their skills.

There are ramps and different surfaces for young riders to play on. Learning to ride in a busy urban city has never been more fun.

Perth, Australia

The Pit Crew bicycle playground with painted road lanes.
Photo courtesy of Jennie McNichol/Buggybuddys

Do you have a need for speed? Then why not take a spin at Pit Stop Park in Perth, Australia! It's a cool bicycle playground where kids can experience what it’s like to drive on a race track, without the danger of cars. There’s even a pit stop area where you can mark your laps!

Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.

Children on their bikes at the Bentonville Bicycle Playground.
Photo courtesy of Canadian Ramp Company/Progressive Bike Ramps

At the Bentonville Bicycle Playground, there are tunnels, bridges and a pump track — that’s a bumpy trail where riders can learn to control a bicycle on uneven surfaces.

Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.

Boy rides the berm in a bicycle park in Fargo, North Dakota.
Photo courtesy of Canadian Ramp Company/Progressive Bike Ramps

At the Fargo Bicycle Playground you can go as fast or slow as you like on this course! This bicycle playground has tunnels, pump track ramps and mega pylons to weave through.

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Fallon, Nevada, U.S.

Fallon, Nevada Bicycle Park
Photo courtesy of Canadian Ramp Company/Progressive Bike Ramps

At NAS Fallon Bike Park, children as young as three years old play on run bikes. Run bikes are a type of bike with no pedals that you push with your feet.

For the older kids, they can practice riding the wooden ladders, the pump track or even the berm — which is a raised corner that allows the cyclist to pick up speed.