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4 things you didn’t know about peaches


Did you know that the whole month of August is National Peach Month? It makes sense. Peaches are soooo good. They’re sweet, juicy and delicious — not to mention good for you. Nothing says summer like sitting outside and eating a peach while the juice drips all down your arm! Mr. Orlando is here to give you the goods on why peaches rule!

FACT: Peaches are a type of stone fruit, which means their seed is inside a stone or pit.

Stone fruits are fruits that have a super hard stone, pit or drupe (as they’re also called) inside of the fruity flesh. The seed of the fruit is inside the stone. Other stone fruits include apricots, nectarines, plums, cherries and mangos. Believe it or not, raspberries are also considered stone fruit. The difference with raspberries is that they contain many little stones (or drupelets) all through their flesh instead of one big one in the middle.

FACT: Peaches and nectarines — they only difference is the texture of their skin.

Krishnam Moosaddee

The only difference between a peach and a nectarine is that peaches have a gene that gives them a fuzzy (some think, furry) skin. Otherwise they are identical like twins — hard to tell apart except that one little fuzzy feature! If they were peeled, you probably wouldn’t know the difference.

FACT: Peaches originally came from China thousands of years ago.

A Chinese plate from the 1700s with bats, which symbolize happiness, and peaches, which symbolize long life. (Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra licensed CC BY 2.0)

Although peaches are now grown all over the world in warm areas, the original peach came from China thousands of years ago. In Chinese culture the peach is believed to keep you young and to give you a long life. It is the fruit of the gods. The peach tree is considered the tree of life. It is tradition in China that women carry bouquets of peach blossoms at their wedding ceremonies because they are believed to bring luck.

FACT: Some peaches are more flat and look like doughnuts or bagels.

Doughnut or Saturn peaches are peaches that are more flat than round and look like a doughnut or bagel! This totally natural peach variety is smaller, sweeter and less fuzzy than a regular peach. This little round treat is less juicy (less messy) than the more round version — which is great for people who prefer to not get covered in sticky sweet peach juice every time they eat one!