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4 Really easy ways you can be an Eco Hero!


Photo by 123RF/Roman Milert

The Earth gives us so much: air, potatoes, water, that thing french fries and mashed potatoes are made of, flowers, po-ta-toes, trees, even starchy carbohydrate rich spuds! Do your part this Earth Day to help save our world and more importantly our potatoes.

Eco Hero Tip 1: Don’t heat no ghosts

kid reading under a blanket with a ghost behind him

Photo 123RF/Aleksandr Khakimullin

Turning off lights in empty rooms and lowering the heat when you’re asleep, or out of the house, is one of the easiest ways to help out this Earth Day. No need to keep those ghosts warm, all they do is haunt you. As well, conserving our energy resources like gas (heat) and electricity (lights) is a great way to save our planet. Also, remember that sweaters and blankets can help you stay warm in the winter without turning up the heat, and come summer – try opening a window instead of going straight to the air conditioning.  Who knows, maybe all those ghosts that live in your room will finally disappear if you leave the window open long enough.

Hero Tip 2: Be a brave gadget vampire slayer

TV with vampire wings and fangs

Photo by 123RF/Victor Zastolskiy

Step aside vampire hunters… because these vampires aren’t actually bloodthirsty undead. Vampire devices are everyday gadgets like TVs, electric can openers, laptops and chargers that still suck power even after they’re turned off. You can really save on your energy bill and help save our planet by unplugging these Transylvanian technologies and stop the suck.

Hero Tip 3: Be a bathroom water warrior

kids brushing their teeth

Photo by 123RF/Thomas Perkins

In the future, science fiction writers predict that our wars will be fought over water. Save our civilization from inevitable global conflict this Earth Day by taking a shorter shower. It’s easy to waste water by accident, but even easier to save it! Turn off the water as you shampoo the next time you shower and also when you brush your teeth. But keep brushing your teeth, as teeth will most likely be the currency of this horrible future’s waterless wasteland. Unless you stop this all from happening by taking a shorter shower!

Hero Tip 4: Use your lunch smarts

lunch in a reusable container

Photo by Jill Dubien

Pack your lunch in a reusable container, instead of daily disposable plastic bags. By reusing the same container, you’ll be saving the environment by cutting on your waste daily! Now that’s really making a difference. Beside lunchboxes are sweet! You can put stickers on them, they make great spaceships for mice and frogs, and you can even use them to make awesome perfectly shaped ice bricks for that igloo you’re building next winter. Can’t wait to see it.

Congratulations! You're well on your way to becoming an Eco Hero!