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4 fun facts about sweet candy beans


April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day in the United States, but there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate jelly beans in Canada ANY day! Did you know these sweet candy beans have been around for over 150 years? There’s a lot more to find out about jelly beans and Mr. Orlando is here to spill the beans about jelly beans...get it? Spill the BEANS? Jelly BEANS? Okay nevermind, on to the facts!

FACT: Jelly beans have been around since the 1860s — longer than cars!

It’s a bit of a mystery how or when jelly beans were invented but it is commonly believed that jelly beans as we know them were first made in Boston around 1861 by American candy maker William Schrafft. And it wasn’t until 1885 or 1886 that many suggest the first gas-powered car was made by Karl Benz in Germany. So you could say that jelly beans are about 25 years older than cars!

FACT: Easter and jelly beans have been a thing since the 1930s

Photo by Laura licensed CC BY-NC 2.0 

Jelly beans and Easter go together like pizza and parties — you can’t have one without the other! It was around the 1930s when jelly beans became a popular treat at Easter time because of the jelly bean’s egg-like shape. Popular colours of jelly beans at Easter are lavender, pink and yellow. Sixteen billion jelly beans are made every year in time for Easter. That’s enough jelly beans to go around the world three times if you lined them up end to end!

FACT: Over 100 flavours of Jelly Belly jelly beans have been made since 1976

Photo by Jason Fiori licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

Popular jelly bean maker Jelly Belly has made over a hundred different flavours of jelly beans since the company started making Jelly Belly candy beans in 1976. Aside from the Jelly Belly 50 Official Flavours (like bubblegum, watermelon and cotton candy), Jelly Belly has made many more crazy flavours like barf, ear wax, stinky socks and rotten egg to name a few. Gross!

FACT: Approximately 283 jelly beans fit in a one litre jar


Have you ever entered a contest where you guess how many full-sized jelly beans are in a jar to win a prize? Well here’s a tip for you the next time you have to make a guess: Try to guess the size of the container or jar that the jelly beans are in by comparing it to a one-litre container. Things that are one litre include milk or juice cartons, sport water bottles, large Mason jars, etc. Once you guess how many litres the jar might be, multiply that number by 283 and there’s your rough guess. Good luck!