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30 other things to do when you’re stuck inside!


Maybe it's raining. Or maybe you're sick. Or you're staying at home for one of the other gajillion reasons out there and you've just bored. Bored of playing with the same old toys and reading the same old books. Ugh!

Are you ever in luck! We've put together a list of 30 — that's so many! — other things that you can do, make or share to keep yourself from becoming the mayor of boring-town. We're pretty sure there's at least one or two (or 30!) things on here that you'll want to try.

Things you can make

two kids in a fort made of sheets

1. Build a couch, blanket or pillow fort. Fill it with all sorts of treasures, pillows, your stuffed pals and even books.

2. Have a space adventure. Turn a cardboard box into a spaceship and ZOOM out into space. Your family can help with decorating it.

3. Make a time capsule. Fill a shoebox with items to remember the day. Your family can help you fill it and then tape it up to open one year from now. Or if you have the patience, wait… just wait... and open it up in 10 years!

4. Make up a secret language. What's the name of your language? Teach your friends and family some of your words or sayings.

5. Draw yourself as a superhero. What do you look like? What's your costume like? What's your superpower?

6. Make your own board game. You can create your very own board game! Use figurines or clay as your players, then get to creating and drawing up your game. Grab some dice from another game and debut your game after dinner!

7. Learn to write your name with your other hand. This one's a bit of a toughie. If you're right-handed, see if you can write with your left and vice versa.

8. Mix-n-match creatures. Ever heard of a liger? It’s a lion combined with a tiger! Does it have a mane and a striped tail? Or a striped mane? Draw it! Draw any animal combo you can think of! What would a fishguin look like? (That’s a fish penguin, obvi.)

9. Make a treasure box. Decorate an old shoe box and put the things you treasure in it for safekeeping. You can hide your treasure box anywhere in your room to keep it away from your little brother or sister (they're so snoopy!).

10. Start a journal jar. Decorate a large jar or coffee tin. Every day, write a little message to yourself or note about the day and drop it in the jar. Read the notes a year from now and see what you were doing and thinking during this time.

Things you can do

two little girls pretending to be cats

11. It's puzzle time! Put together a jigsaw puzzle with the image upside down. Want a bigger challenge? Flip over all the puzzle pieces so you can't see the picture when and then try to put it together using just the shapes.

12. Watch your favourite TV show with the sound turned off. Do the voices and make up what they're saying. You can invite your family to do different characters.

13. Learn to juggle. You can use items you already have like balled up socks, tennis balls or move up to apples if you get really good at it.

14. Learn your name in sign language. Other good words to learn to sign are "hello," "thank you" and "goodbye."

15. Take a pretend vacation! Wear your swimsuit, splash in the tub and listen to tropical music to get in the mood.

16. Learn the moves to a dance from your favourite music video or musical. How close can you get to the original?

17. Speak in song. Speaking of musicals, try and speak in song for a whole conversation! What will your musical sound like? Will it be about your favourite snack?

18. Get some room stats. Do you know how many steps it takes to get from one end of your room to the other? How many one-legged jumps? How many crab walks? Figure out the stats on the size of your home and wow your family with your interpretation of space.

19. Rhyme time. Lime, mime, dime. That’s all I got. How long can you keep a rhyme going for? Whoever keeps a rhyme going for the longest in your family wins the high honour of Really Rad Rhyme Rhino.

20. Give all your toys names. Do all your toys have names? OK, but do they all have name tags? Maybe your plush sloth Lady Little Face doesn’t know that the dinosaur figure on your shelf is called Duderino Shortarmski — now everyone can meet and mingle.

Things you can share

little girl singing to her parents

21. Write a short story. Then act it out for your family. Or, if you're really up for a challenge, illustrate your story and turn it into a picture book.

22. Put on a puppet show. You can use your couch or a chair as your stage and invite your pet or your family to be your audience.

23. Build the tallest card pyramid ever! Challenge your family to see who can build the tallest (it's you, of course!).

24. Have a tea party. Make up some invitations and give them out to your family, pets or your favourite stuffed animals. You just know Miss Petunia Peacock is waiting for hers.

25. Be a news reporter. Interview a family member about a topic you're interested in. Does your brother like rainbows? What's in tonight's dinner and when will it be ready? Write down the answers into a news story.

26. That's a rap! Write a rap version of your favourite fairy tale. Perform it for your family or make a music video of it.

27. Sashay down the runway. Put on a fashion show in your living room.

28. Say hello. Write a letter to someone you really, really miss. Have an adult mail it for you.

29. Swap rooms. Do you have a sibling with a seperate room? Time to swap rooms for the day to give each other a mini makeover to reveal later.

30. Staring contest. Have a staring contest at the dinner table. Partner up with the person across from you and just STARE! The first one to crack up, loses. Keep partnering up until there's just one person left — the winner!