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3 ways to celebrate Canadian animals


One of the best things about our vast country is our Canadian wildlife! And today, we’re going to celebrate them from a distance.

1. Something to do

Canada Goose — True or False quiz

Canada Goose — True/False quiz

Recognize this feathery friend? It’s the Canada goose! You will see them hang out in lakes and rivers or fly in V formations in the sky. Let’s see if you can get seven out of 10 on this quiz! Take the quiz here.

2. Something to read

Beaver with a graphic overlay that reads EH+ Canadian Stuff

5 cool Canadian animals

Our big, beautiful country is also home to a wide range of wildlife. These animals roam, fly and swim — can you guess which ones they are? Read about Canadian animals here.

3. Something to play

The Nest game

Nest game

Help the bird to the nest. But be careful — you don't want the pig to touch the bird or the nest. You can remove the green blocks by tapping on them, but you can't remove the stones. You can also transform the bird into different shapes. Try to do it in as little moves as possible! Play now.