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3 things that will make you wonder if there are aliens among us!


Little green men from Mars… Extraterrestrials… Unidentified flying objects flying in the night sky... Are they real or imagined? Who really knows.

Here are a couple of things that you can read, play and watch that might make you wonder if those lights in the night sky are really UFOs. So on this special Star Wars day, we wish you good exploring, and May the Fourth be with you!

1. Something to read

Click here to read all about UFOs

What exactly are UFOs?

Are they visitors from another world? And what does UFO even stand for? Get the scoop by clicking here.

2. Something to play

Click here to play the alien bridge game

Alien Bridge

Create bridges across the chasms to get the alien to the exit point! Play here.

3. Something to watch


Janaye gets an alien princess makeover

Janaye's back in the makeup room with another out of this world makeover! If you've never seen an alien princess before then look no further.